Confidex Silverline Blade™ Label

Confidex Silverline Blade™ Label

Global On-metal Label with Extreme Performance

Thanks to its innovative antenna design, Confidex Silverline Blade™ handles the complete global RFID radio frequency range of 865 to 928 MHz – without harming the performance. This makes it ideal for global use.

At the heart of Confidex Silverline Blade™ label there is a cutting edge Impinj Monza R6 RF chip. Combined with our thorough understanding of materials, UHF and production techniques it helps make Blade the best onmetal RFID label choice.

Barbara Ribic

Barbara Ribic
Sales Manager EMEA Smart Identification
Graz, Austria

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Key Facts

  • Confidex Silverline Blade™ is easy to print and program on-demand with Zebra label printer solution. This makes it ideal for tagging your assets from servers to refrigerators.
  • With footprint of only 2.5 x 6 cm and thickness of 1.2 mm, Confidex Silverline Blade™ is small and unobtrusive passive RFID label.
  • Despite the small size, Blade boasts a respectable 4.5 meter read range on metal.


In many industries, there is a need for a real RFID all-rounder – a printable on-metal label that is easy to program and works on just about any surface material you slap it on.

Confidex Silverline Blade™ is a small but powerful RFID label that can, in many cases, replace a hard RFID tag. Optimal for asset tagging, this little giant is sure to find a million industrial uses.

Confidex is the world’s leading supplier of high performing contactless ticketing and RFID tag solutions and services to make supply chains, transactions and authentication of goods and people more efficient and secure.

  • Extensive RF Design and comprehensive manufacturing experience to supply industry’s leading RFID tags and labels
  • Customizing the RFID tags and labels according to customer requirements
  • Industry standard compliant products offered in various fields incl. Automotive RFID applications
Solution News

Confidex announces the launch of MYVIA by Confidex™

The platform for airports with passion for customer experience The platform, working as a travel data aggregator, increases airport officials’ insight with in-depth understanding of travel metadata. For the passengers, the adoption of MYVIA by Confidex™ will both reduce stress and dwell times, thereby giving the passenger more time to enjoy the airside offerings as well as taking much of the stress out of the equation – it is the airport app engine that gives everybody concrete added value. The MYVIA by Confidex™ platform is based on Confidex’s know-how built on years of expertise in creating wireless IoT technology solutions for Smart Cities and leading industrial customers.

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