High Temperature Tag

High Temperature Tag

RFID tags for high temperature applications up to 250°C (482°F)

Contrinex UHT tags are designed for ultra-high temperature applications. Their LCP housings resist extreme temperatures and virtually all chemicals. Available with either EEPROM or FRAM technology, life expectancy is long even under intense read/write and temperature cycling. Since all UHT tags are silicone-free, they are ideally suited to industrial paintshops.

They can be used at ambient temperatures from -25°C to +250°C (-13°F to +482°F) and are fully compatible with ISO/ IEC 15693.

Oliver Schleicher

Oliver Schleicher
Managing Director
Leinfelden-Echterdingen, Germany

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Key Facts

  • Contrinex HF-RFID system (13.56 MHz), compatible ISO/IEC 15693
  • FRAM technology, memory size 2048 Byte
  • EEPROM technology, memory sizes 128 Byte and 256 Byte
  • Diameter 50 mm, nonembeddable, IP68 & IP69K, insensitive to dirt
  • Thermal cycling reliability at 250°C: 1000 cycles / 1000 hours
  • Ultra-high temperature HF transponders in LCP housings
  • 100 percent silicone free


  • High temperature applications
  • Paintshops, washing, etc.
  • Manufacturing (Industry 4.0)
  • Conveyor systems
  • Automotive industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Asset management
  • Work-in-process tracking

Swiss sensor specialist Contrinex is a multinational group with over 600 employees worldwide. The product range includes conventional standard sensors as well as high-performance devices that push detection properties to their physical limits.

  • Performance: high and low-frequency RFID systems to meet the most demanding requirements of industry
  • Networkability: full range of interface devices; direct connection to RS485 bus (HF)
  • Difficult environments: full-metal tags; tags for temperatures up to 250 °C; tags embeddable in metal
Solution News

Success Story: HF RFID Read/Write Heads With IO-Link

Interview with Norbert Matthes More and more RFID customers are choosing Contrinex’s HF RWMs with IO-Link. This comes as no surprise at all to Norbert Matthes, Technical Sales Manager with Contrinex Sensor GmbH in Germany and RFID workshop specialist. Who better then to answer our questions and explain the special appeal of the IO-Link RWMs?

Product News

HF RFID – FB library for extremely easy IO-Link integration with S7-PLC

The new function block library from Contrinex simplifies the integration of IO-Link read/write modules in RFID projects and thus reduces engineering time and costs. This library covers all the necessary functions for communication with a Simatic S7-1200/S7-1500 or equivalent PLC. The user can drag and drop the required IO-Link function block into the corresponding network and store it there. It’s that fast and easy.

Solution News

Long-range Photoelectric Sensor Counts Shrink-wrapped Carton Packs

During high-volume confectionery packaging operations, conveyors deliver stacked cartons to shrink-wrapping stations. At each station, a wrapping machine encloses a stack in heat-shrink film and an infrared oven shrinks the film to form a sealed pack of cartons. A long-distance through-beam photoelectric sensor, mounted beside the conveyor, senses the presence of each pack as it leaves the oven and signals a plant-wide control system to increment the production throughput totals.

HF read-write module with IO-Link
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