amanTag System – People & Asset Tracking/Tracing
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amanTag System – People & Asset Tracking/Tracing

Easy and reliable identification with RFID

With the new amanTag system, which consists of a locator and transponders, work safety is raised to a whole new level of security using reliable RFID identification. The transponders are available in various designs and can be carried by people or attached to objects.

The unique amanTag technology is based on two frequencies that allow the transponders to be reliably identified even under extremely difficult conditions, such as a transponder in a pants pocket or a transponder blocked by another object.

With active transponders and our innovative amanTag technology, people and assets can be reliably detected, e.g. to activate shutdowns, emergency shutdowns or activations of machines, robots or vehicles or to document the movement of a person or object.

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Key Facts

  • Standalone and network capable
    It is possible to operate Locators as standalone devices or as a network system.
  • Easy installation
    The system is quick and easy to install and set up.
  • Unambiguous protection zones
    The transmit field of the Locator can be clearly defined. Protection zones possible in a range from 1.5 - 7 m.
  • Long battery life
    The intelligent battery management of the semi-active transponders facilitates a long battery life.
  • Communication with feedback
    The Locator acknowledges the transponder transmission upon receipt.
  • Additional features
    Software with numerous functions for additional applications, such as access control & CCTV solutions


  • Employee protection and localisation in production, hospitals, public authorities, etc.
  • Patient protection and localisation in hospitals, in care facilities, etc.

For over 40 years, deister electronic has been renowned for its innovative products and solutions for the identification and security of people, resources, and buildings.

  • Innovative products and solutions for LF, HF, UHF, and microwave
  • High quality standards, made in Germany
  • Excellent support and training
Solution News

Laundry issuing in 20 seconds at Klinikum Lüneburg

UHF-RFID tags and revolving doors allow for efficient laundry withdrawal! deister electronic GmbH from Barsinghausen, has equipped Klinikum Lüneburg with its laundry management system teXRoom. It manages the entire laundry cycle: from receiving cleaned workwear, through picking it up by the clinic staff, to returning dirty scrubs.

Solution News

Secure Access to the ECG Community Center in Hanover

Effective and centrally controlled access! An intelligent, user-friendly access control and key management system from deister electronic provides increased safety and transparency in the community centre of the Evangelical Christian Church (ECG) in Hanover. Project targets Electronic access control and key management Personalised identification of key movements More security, transparency and user-friendliness of access management

Product News

dataLog to Go

Manage services easily and directly With the new deisterGo App from deister electronic, you can enhance the reliable service control system dataLog with a fully automatic notification app, so that you can keep full control over your services in the future at any time.

Product News

Product announcement: ISO 8 panel for proxSafe flexx

ISO card panel to handle security-relevant 1D or access cards proxSafe – the comprehensive and tamper-proof cabinet solution for electronic management of keys and valuables such as weapons, radios, mobile phones, laptops, vehicle documents and other valuable and sensitive items, is regarded as the leading security solution in all industry sectors due to its high quality, simple operation and continuous development. deister electronic enhances this solution by the so-called ISO 8 panel, consisting of 8 card slots. In the future, security-relevant 1D or access cards in ISO 7810 ID-l format can be stored here in a tamper-proof, efficient and clear manner.

Supplier News

proxSafe wins prestigious MSIEA 2019 award

Designed and manufactured by deister electronic! deister electronic is pleased to announce that Coselec, a deister electronic company in Singapore, has been selected as the Winner for the prestigious MSIEA 2019 Award - Security Product of the Year for its proxSafe RFID Electronic Key Management and Smart Storage System at the IFSEC Southeast Asia Show on 20 March 2019.

TSU 220 UHF RFID Reader
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