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Personal Protection Systems

Particularly, but not only in the medical and care sector, it is important to protect people optimally and effectively. This also applies to public facilities, public authorities or industry - be it in environments with aggression potential or so-called lone-worker workplaces.

Here, the amanTag® system, consisting of powerful locator devices and semi-active transponders from deister electronic, ensures greater security. It identifies and locates people with pinpoint accuracy, so that their movement in the building can be limited and controlled on the one hand, and protected on the other. As BabyGuard®, SeniorGuard® and PersonalGuard® as well as as a mobile emergency call, amanTag® can be tailored to the area of application.

Uwe Bartels

Uwe Bartels
Key Account Manager
Barsinghausen, Germany

amanTag® consists of two main components: UHF RFID locators and semi-active transponders. The locators establish surveillance zones, for example at doors that are to be monitored.

Transponders are available as abduction and mix-up protection for mother and child (BabyGuard®, without button) and as runaway protection for people suffering from dementia in nursing homes (SeniorGuard®, without button). For other people in need of care as well as personnel with a risk potential, there is the PersonalGuard® variant with multiple buttons. The people to be protected wear the transponders on their bodies and are thus detected by the locators as soon as they enter surveillance zones or press the button on a transponder.

As soon as this happens, corresponding alarms and notifications are triggered in the system and passed on to responsible personnel so that a rapid response can be made.

Key Facts

  • Locators: LCA 500 T / LCA 700 T with a range of 0.5 - 5 or 7 meters respectively
  • Transponder: As wristband or fob tag variant, with or without buttons
  • Telecommunication interfaces: DECT systems / alarm server for ESPA-X connection
  • Light call system interfaces via web service or ESPA-X
  • I / O for control and connection via contacts

Application Areas

  • Healthcare
  • Care facilities
  • Workplaces with potential hazards
  • Lone-worker workplaces

For more than 40 years, deister electronic has been known for innovative products and solutions for securing people, resources and buildings, for identifying vehicles, assets and goods, and for managing objects, work clothing and weapons.

  • Innovative products and solutions for LF (125 kHz), HF (13.56 MHz), UHF (868 MHz) and microwave
  • Highest quality standards for products, solutions, and services - Made in Germany
  • Individual project consulting, planning and implementation with the help of competent partners and system integrators
  • Complete solutions including central software or integration of partial solutions or OEM components in third-party systems
  • Excellent support and technical trainings

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