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RFID Systems for Industrial Identification

The RFID solutions of the logident® brand from deister electronic are used in all areas of Industry 4.0 - in production, logistics, warehousing, and transport, in automation, materials handling, mechanical and plant engineering.

Versatile high- and ultra-high-frequency RFID readers and tags reliably identify products, containers, vehicles and other resources on 13.56 MHz or 868 MHz. This ensures more transparency, efficiency, and flexibility along the entire supply chain - and thus helps with automation and digitalisation in the value chain.

Robin Milde

Robin Milde
Product Manager & Business Development Manager
Barsinghausen, Germany

From compact readers with integrated antennas and a reading range of up to 7 meters to on-metal tags in various forms - all components have robust, weather-resistant housings and function with passive RFID technology. Therefore, they are low-maintenance and ensure long durability with optimal performance.

The tags can be programmed with individual information - for example storage location, content, or quantity. This allows goods and merchandise to be identified and managed even more accurately and independently of the central system.

In cooperation with competent partner companies and system integrators, the application of logident® components is individually planned and tailored to the specific area of application. Therefore, there are hardly any limits to the possible applications.

Key Facts

  • Identification at up to 7 meters via 13.56 MHz and 868 MHz readers
  • Readers and tags for HF and UHF RFID applications with protection class up to IP67
  • USB desktop readers with read/write function for quick and easy assignment of tags to the management level; plus RS485/fieldbus readers
  • All applications are individually projected and implemented with system integrators
  • Ready-made solutions for resource, tool, workwear, and waste disposal management as well as vehicle locking systems

Application Areas

  • Automotive industry
  • Industry
  • Logistics
  • Trade
  • Agriculture

For more than 40 years, deister electronic has been known for innovative products and solutions for securing people, resources and buildings, for identifying vehicles, assets and goods, and for managing objects, work clothing and weapons.

  • Innovative products and solutions for LF (125 kHz), HF (13.56 MHz), UHF (868 MHz) and microwave
  • Highest quality standards for products, solutions, and services - Made in Germany
  • Individual project consulting, planning and implementation with the help of competent partners and system integrators
  • Complete solutions including central software or integration of partial solutions or OEM components in third-party systems
  • Excellent support and technical trainings

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