Management Software Commander Connect
  • Management Software Commander Connect
  • Management Software Commander Connect
  • Management Software Commander Connect
  • Management Software Commander Connect

Management Software Commander Connect

Commander Connect is the central software for all deister electronic solutions. It is where all connected devices are brought together and managed, and where all strands of information come together - notifications, alarms, messages about technical problems and more. In addition, all access rights for users of proxEntry®, proxSafe®, doorLoxx®, tranSpeed® and teXtag® solutions and products are assigned here.

With optional add-ons and apps, the range of functions can be extended even further, and notifications and operating features are also available on smartphones.

Martin Hartwigsen

Martin Hartwigsen
Business Development Manager
Barsinghausen, Germany

As the nerve centre of all deister electronic solutions, Commander Connect manages all systems of the brands proxEntry®, proxSafe®, doorLoxx®, tranSpeed® and teXtag®. Due to various interfaces, the software can also function as middleware to other control systems.

In combination with the deister Cockpit module, Commander Connect is also able to provide comprehensive analyses and reports on consumption, usage behaviour and laundry processes of teXtag® systems. In addition, the deisterGO app, which also provides mobile notifications, and the deisterWallet app, which controls proxEntry®, proxSafe®, doorLoxx® and tranSpeed® products from a smartphone, can be connected.

Key Facts

  • Software centrepiece of all solutions from deister electronic
  • Can be operated from anywhere as browser-based software
  • Scalable and expandable via additional modules
  • Software care plan available for regular updates and new functions
  • Integrations with third-party providers such as LenelS2, Advancis, Genetec, Pacom and more
  • Additional notification and operating functions through iOS and Android apps

Application Areas

  • See other deister electronic products

For more than 40 years, deister electronic has been known for innovative products and solutions for securing people, resources and buildings, for identifying vehicles, assets and goods, and for managing objects, work clothing and weapons.

  • Innovative products and solutions for LF (125 kHz), HF (13.56 MHz), UHF (868 MHz) and microwave
  • Highest quality standards for products, solutions, and services - Made in Germany
  • Individual project consulting, planning and implementation with the help of competent partners and system integrators
  • Complete solutions including central software or integration of partial solutions or OEM components in third-party systems
  • Excellent support and technical trainings

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Management Software Commander Connect
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