RFID Inventory Management Solution for Retail

RFID Inventory Management Solution for Retail

Bringing the online experience to physical stores – by combining RFID with a cloud and mobile application!

Together with RFKeeper, DENSO WAVE can offer a modular plug & play Inventory Management Solution that provides a greater visibility of the supply chain and minimises the risks of over / under stock, supply chain errors or shrinkage and ultimately contributes to an improved customer experience.

Dirk Gelbrich

Dirk Gelbrich
General Manager Technical Department
Düsseldorf, Germany

Key Features

  • User-friendly analytics dashboard for a data driven operation
  • Live monitoring and real-time data on every item in the chain
  • Modern management tools to better control and navigate the daily operations with real time insights
  • Mobile apps that enable simple and accessible communication between store teams and the HQ

Application Fields

  • Starting at the factory, it provides a tagging & printing solution enabling anti-counter fit and grey market monitoring, protecting brand and IP rights
  • At the DC level, it reduces staff engagement and increases inbound and outbound times.
  • At the store, it improves inventory and sales efficiency by providing 100% shipment validation, inventory counts, search capabilities and replenishment reports.
  • Customer engagement solutions, that increase sales, like smart fitting rooms, digital signage, self-check-out and more are provided as well

DENSO, a member of the Toyota Group, is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of mobile data devices and is the inventor of the QR Code®.

  • We follow one mission: Driven by quality.
  • Our terminals and scanners stand for maximum quality in technology, performance and functionality.
  • Decision-makers in retail, logistics and production rely on DENSO for their data capture needs.

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RFID Inventory Management Solution for Retail
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