FlexiRay RFID Portal
  • FlexiRay RFID Portal
  • FlexiRay RFID Portal
  • FlexiRay RFID Portal

FlexiRay RFID Portal

The FlexiRay Portal has an ultra slim profile and a small stand footprint with space-saving features in an attractive esthetically-pleasing design suitable for offices, libraries, retail stores, data centers, hospitals and other interior environments. The reading zone is easily created.

The FlexiRay Portal is manufactured in three versions: single antenna with orientation to right side or left side, and as a double antenna with a reading zone on each side.

FlexiRay RFID portals can be delivered with adjustable customized graphics design in photographic quality to accommodate or highlight its esthetic features and excellent funcionality within interior environments.

Miroslav Jaksik

Miroslav Jaksik
Managing Director, FlexiRay
Buchlovice, Czech Republic

Key Features

  • Ultra slim profile & unique small footprint
  • Customizable printing design options
  • UHF reader independent
  • Lightweight solution
  • Alarm red light embedded


The FlexiRay Portal is ideal for tracking assets, equipment, documents, files, and people in interior environments passing through doorways, hallways or corridors.

RFID Innovation & Integration

FLEXIRAY is a trademark of the company BARCO with 25 years of experience in the automatic identification industry (Barcodes, RFID).

Barco has its own department focused on the development and manufacture of UHF RFID antennas and portals with an ultra slim form factor and aesthetic design under the brand name – Flexiray. The products are manufactured in the Czech Republic and distributed worldwide. 

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FlexiRay RFID Portal
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