RFID Event Ticket

RFID Event Ticket

Smart Ticket for sports events, on roll, with hole for lanyard

GERA-IDENT Smart Tickets are developed for applications like sports or culture events as well as fairs. In addition they are used as inexpensive cards for access control.

They can be customized in size, material, printing and programming and are rugged enough for multiple use. If required special security features are possible.

Manuela Elster
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Gera, Germany

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Key Facts

  • Frequency: 13.56 MHz (ISO 15693 / ISO 14443)
  • Different materials: various types of cardboard and film, thermo direct or thermo transfer printable, customized printing on request
  • Different formats: variable between 50×50 and 105×207 mm, standard 54×86 mm (credit card format), perforated on roll or separated
  • Different chip sizes and antenna designs: from 1 kbit up to 10 kbit; NXP, Infineon
  • Customizing on request, including special security features, if required
  • Durability: Rugged for multiple use (for example multi-trip tickets or weekend tickets), good optical durability


Tickets for:

  • Event Management
  • Access control
  • Public transportation
  • Cashless payment (for example major events)

Variants: Different frequencies and possibly combinations of frequencies (HF, UHF, NFC, Dual Frequency)

Gera-Ident was founded in 2005 in Gera, Germany and focuses on Auto-ID, passive HF and UHF RFID in particular.

We provide

  • Conception and implementation of customer specific RFID turnkey solutions
  • Development and production of smart labels, tags, tickets and reader systems
  • Internal development kits and comprehensive measuring and testing systems
Supplier News

GERA-IDENT expands manufacturing capability

Acquisition of new manufacturing equipment for RFID-Smart Labels GERA-IDENT has increased production capabilities for RFID-Smart Labels, Tickets and Tags with new manufacturing equipment. This highly complex machinery was custom designed and built based on GERA-IDENT‘s long-term experience as well as in consideration of strategic customer requirements.

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