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UHF RFID travelling wave antenna

The Ha-VIS LOCFIELD® is a completely new concept. Instead of installing patch antennas, the coax antenna cable itself becomes the antenna. The read range can be varied from a few centimeters to about two meters just by changing the power of the RFID reader.

The LOCFIELD® antenna can easily be installed in any shape and thus meet the customer‘s requirements in an extremely flexible way.

Olaf Wilmsmeier

Olaf Wilmsmeier
Business Development Manager RFID
Espelkamp, Germany

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Key Facts

  • Design your reading zone
  • Localized UHF field – no radiated UHF power
  • No UHF field reflections
  • The coax cable becomes an antenna
  • Antenna length from 0.3 m up to >10 m
  • Reading distance up to 2 m


  • Smart shelfs
  • Overhead conveyor system tracking
  • Smart tables
  • Smart workbenches
  • PCB tracking in SMD lines
  • Location systems for high speed trains

The HARTING Technology Group is one of the world's leading providers of industrial connection technology. The company offers a wide portfolio of RFID products and systems, as well as consulting, design, implementation, and maintenance services.

  • Modular RFID system from hardware over software to system integration from a single source
  • Very robust and durable transponders for harsh environments
  • Intelligent RFID readers and antennas specifically for industrial environments
Ha-VIS RF-R300 UHF Reader
Ha-VIS Control ETB UHF Sensor Transponder
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