HID Keg Tag

HID Keg Tag

Ruggedized RAIN® RFID or NFC tags to optimize the lifecycle of rounded steel containers

Keg Tag transponders enhance the inventory tracking and lifecycle management of cylindrical returnable transport items (RTI), such as beverage kegs, chemical drums and gas cylinders. Keg Tag transponders mount via welding on steel kegs and are slightly curved for optimal fit.

The RFID tags are built to withstand rigorous washing and sterilization processes, including the use of caustic soda. Durable, double injected, full plastic housings guard the enclosed electronics against exposure to liquids and harsh chemicals, as well as fluctuations in temperature.

Marie Glotz

Wireless identification & sensing components and services enabling industrial IoT solutions

Marie Glotz
VP Sales
Granges-Veveyse, Switzerland

Key Facts

  • Highly durable mount via welding on steel
  • Designed to withstand harsh washing cycles, including caustic soda
  • Curved for optimal fit to kegs and cylinders (flat versions also available)
    • Broadband for international use
    • 860 to 960 MHz (EU, US, JP)
    • Read range up to 32 ft (10 m)
    • Up to 512 bit EEPROM
  • Options for NFC, UHF-NFC combo or Low-Frequency (LF)
  • Anti-collision enables simultaneous reading of multiple tags


  • Beer kegs
  • Chemical drums
  • Metal gas cylinders

HID is the trusted source for innovative products, solutions, and services that help millions of customers around the globe to create, manage, and use secure identities.

  • Robust RFID tags for professional applications supporting LF, HF/NFC, RAIN RFID (UHF) and BLE. Custom design Services.
  • Contactless Access control systems, Credentials, readers and Smartcard printers
  • Condition monitoring: Gather wireless status and information on motorised equipment. Industries include: facilities and building management, manufacturing, oil & gas, cold chain (food & beverage, pharmaceuticals)
  • Real-time location services: Indoor position of mission critical assets, tools, portable equipment, vehicles and proximity based location using alerts, policies for location aware heat maps
  • Access Management: for events and public transport ticketing
  • Textile Service: RFID-based Laundry and Uniform management for hospitality and industrial laundries

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