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Sense Industrial

IoT Devices for Rugged Environments

With Sense Industrial, HID provides a growing range of powerful, intelligent devices that will supercharge your IoT projects, especially in an outdoor environment.

They are harnessing the power of high performance open standard communication protocols Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and LoRaWAN (LoRa) and now adding Quuppa and GPS as Real Time Locating System (RTLS) and WIREPAS for mesh communication. A range of devices provides solutions for diverse asset tracking use cases in rugged environments.

Marie Glotz

Wireless identification & sensing components and services enabling industrial IoT solutions

Marie Glotz
VP Sales
Granges-Veveyse, Switzerland

Key Facts

  • BLE – HID's Sense BLE IoT devices gather and bundle sensor data internally, transmitting this to physical gateways that in turn 'talk' to their network (whether WiFi, LAN or cellular) via a cloud or local server.
  • LoRa – LoRa (Long Range) is a low-power wide-area network (LPWAN) physical-layer protocol based on spread spectrum modulation techniques; cloud-based medium access control (MAC) layer protocol LoRaWAN acts mainly as a handler for routing information between low-power wide-area network (LPWAN) gateways and end node devices.
  • Wirepas – Efficient mesh communication reduces the number of gateways needed in industrial asset tracking zones.


  • Condition Monitoring: These powerful, sensitive and accurate devices with Bluetooth and LoRaWAN provide reliable feedback when there is a change in conditions. Variants can measure temperature, distance (using a laser) or provide push-button alerts to manually highlight and record the condition change.
  • Asset Management and Logistics: Intelligent, potent devices that can keep tabs on important or valuable assets, indoors or out. Our specialist location devices accurately pinpoint position over shorter distances via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) or over longer distances by combining LoRaWAN and GPS tracking.
  • Personnel Tracking: Recent World events have made personnel tracking and monitoring more important than ever. HID has developed highly innovative devices that can literally save lives as well as time and money. Our shield product provides highly accurate track and trace data for individual workers and also alerts team members with an alarm when social distancing protocols are about to be breached. See also HID Location service for indoor environments.

HID is the trusted source for innovative products, solutions, and services that help millions of customers around the globe to create, manage, and use secure identities.

  • Robust RFID tags for professional applications supporting LF, HF/NFC, RAIN RFID (UHF) and BLE. Custom design Services.
  • Contactless Access control systems, Credentials, readers and Smartcard printers
  • Condition monitoring: Gather wireless status and information on motorised equipment. Industries include: facilities and building management, manufacturing, oil & gas, cold chain (food & beverage, pharmaceuticals)
  • Real-time location services: Indoor position of mission critical assets, tools, portable equipment, vehicles and proximity based location using alerts, policies for location aware heat maps
  • Access Management: for events and public transport ticketing
  • Textile Service: RFID-based Laundry and Uniform management for hospitality and industrial laundries

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