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HUAYUAN has launched a creatively designed ECO UHF RFID Inlay Tag. The tag is a sustainable, paper-based, alternative product that provides the same reliability and performance as non-ecofriendly tags. Our ECO Tag is an eco-friendly RAIN RFID Inlay with a creative unique RFID transponder design. The innovative RAIN RFID inlay eliminats the use of plastic in finished production, eliminating the pollution caused by aluminum etching in the antenna producing process which covers 80% of the RFID inlay market.

Phoebe Bu

Phoebe Bu
Project Director
Shanghai, China

Key Facts

  • Plastic-free green RFID product
  • Saves RFID label costs
  • Flexible RFID tag
  • Secure and guaranteed RFID inlay supply
  • Extensive adaptability

Application Fields

  • Retail Apparel & Footwear Industries

Why does the retail, apparel and footwear industry look forward to ECO RFID tag?

  • ECO materials – sustainable and renewable without affecting existing waste streams or recycling.
  • Paper-based inlay has excellent reliability.
  • Excellent performance.
  • The cost level of ECO RFID labels is comparable to that of AL etching products, which has a very large cost competitive advantage.

HUAYUAN has been focusing on RFID R&D since 1995. With over 20 years of experience in the development of RFID technology, we provide a world-class RFID tag production line and offer a comprehensive product portfolio that includes:

  • RFID antenna research and design; etching, copper winding for customized performance and specifications
  • Insertion, conversion and encapsulation for various environments and applications
  • E-Ticket solutions with plastic cards, paper cards, wristbands, bracelets etc. with assembled RFID/NFC
  • Contactless cards, tag printing, manufacturing with laminated RF NFC
  • Apparel branding and label solutions, brand protection & security solutions

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Application Fields

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