Embedded DESFire HF Module M900

Embedded DESFire HF Module M900

HF Embedded Module with TTL Interface

Embedded RFID module DESFire M900 is compliant with ISO14443A/B, ISO15693 and ISO18092 standards. Thanks to its tiny size and single-face laying components layout, it allows for embedding RFID in various applications and devices.

HF Module M900 DESFire features one external antenna port. iDTRONIC Professional offers a wide choice of RFID antennas suitable for any purpose.

DESFire compatible module M900 is available with TTL interface. In low power mode, the M900 consumes less than 1 mA. A useful software development kit for developing your own applications and operations is available for download.

Patrick Kochendörfer

Patrick Kochendörfer
Senior Product Manager
Ludwigshafen, Germany

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Besides our outstanding standard products, we are a reliable technological partner for customer-specific and individual RFID hardware. Your project is supported and followed from the very start – including precise objective, conception and ultimately the technical realization using RFID. A professional development team then provides tailor-made embedded products for your specific application.

Thanks to cost-effective planning and production as well as short implementation time, we help to minimize time to market to a large extent.

We offer an unmatched range of integration-friendly RFID modules & readers. Embedding RFID technology into products & existing systems has never been easier.

Key Facts

  • 13.56 MHz
  • ISO 14443A/B, ISO 15693, ISO 18092
  • External antenna
  • Full MIFARE® support
  • Single-face laying components
  • Compact design, low power consumption, all transponders


  • POS Systems and Terminals
  • Mobile Devices
  • Desktop Readers
  • HealthCare - Medical Devices
  • Vending Machines
  • Library Management
  • Digital Marketing

Variants: UHF 865 – 928 MHz, HF 13.56 MHz and LF 125 kHz

iDTRONIC Professional RFID, a leading manufacturer on the AutoID market, develops, manufactures and sells high end RFID products. RFID devices from iDTRONIC guarantee a fast and safe identification of moving and non-moving items.

  • RFID read/write devices for UHF, HF, LF & LEGIC
  • Handheld computers with own RFID solutions
  • Embedded modules and readers
  • Antennas, Tags and Transponders
  • Complete RFID hardware from a single source
Product News

iDTRONIC‘s Cylindrical Reader M30 UHF Gets CANbus Interface

New Interface with CANbus (SAE J1939 or CANopen) The Cylindrical Reader M30 UHF is a read and write device from the iDTRONIC BLUEBOX line. The reader now utilizes CANbus connection (SAE J1939 or CANopen) to enhance the existing RS-232 and RS-485 interfaces. High reading ranges due to integrated circular antenna The Cylindrical Reader M30 UHF is equipped with an internal, circular antenna. The antenna has a strength of -8 dBi, achieving a high reading range of up to 50 centimetres.

Product News

iDTRONIC launches new EVO Desktop Reader HF 2.0

One Device perfectly equipped for IoT and Industry 4.0 Applications with HID & VCP The new EVO Desktop Reader HF 2.0 from iDTRONIC is the successor to our compact EVO Desktop Reader HF. This new RFID reader is a versatile read and write device for use within Industry and IT environments. This new version includes a Dual-Interface USB 3.0. This allows both manual configuration and a choice of two modes. It can work within HID (= Human Interface Design) or VCP (= Virtual COM Port) mode.

Solution News

Compta's BEE2WASTE Relies on iDTRONIC's RFID Products

Compta’s “BEE2WASTE“ Waste Management System! The Portuguese company Compta exists for 45 years and is one of the oldest national technology companies in Portugal. Compta was founded in 1972 and offers data processing services for the emerging IT sector. The product portfolio includes solutions for energy management, waste management, the lighting industry, green space management and agriculture. In addition to being listed on the Euronext Lisbon Stock Exchange, Compta has a privileged position in the IT market. It accumulates more than 400 individual certifications and has the highest certification level among its strategic partners. Equipment of waste containers with iDTRONIC RFID Tags and Labels Rapid detection of data with the iDTRONIC BLUEBOX reading system Transfer of data to Compta’s “BEE2WASTE“ application interface

Product News

iDTRONIC’s EVO UHF Stick Reader Gets New Robust Housing

New robust Housing — Same Functionality The EVO UHF Stick Reader is a compact RFID reader and writer with adjustable power up to a maximum of 100 mW. The maximum power of 100mW (+ 20dBm) can be controlled in 1dB steps via its software. Its practical USB 2.0 interface serves as both the power supply, as well as facilitating quick data transfer.

Product News

iDTRONIC's C4 Red is a Mobile Terminal with World-Class RFID

The C4 Red is the first professional mobile terminal on the market with Android 7.0 “Nougat” (API Level 24 for Android Studio & Eclipse). It also supports Googles Mobile Device Management (MDM) system: “Android for Work” and all other Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM) systems.

Industrial RFID Reader BlueBox CX MR IA
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