ThingMagic Micro UHF Module

ThingMagic Micro UHF Module

Tiny 2-Port, multi-protocol, high performance embedded UHF RAIN® RFID module

ThingMagic Micro is one of smallest 2-port, multi-protocol, high performance embedded UHF RAIN® RFID modules. ThingMagic Micro delivers the size, operating efficiency, power, and flexibility needed to embed UHF RFID into applications where small form factor is important.

Its exceptionally small size and powerful performance yield increased efficiency, reduced development costs, and time-to-market advantages.

Taco van Weijen

ThingMagic is the leading brand of embedded and fixed RFID readers under the JADAK company. With ThingMagic, JADAK offers one of the market’s broadest portfolios of both RAIN UHF and HF RFID readers and development tools to serve established and emerging customer needs. Our breadth of products supports the market’s need for a wide range of reader form factors to RFID-enable a growing number of connected enterprise applications.

Taco van Weijen
Inside Sales Manager
Breda, Netherlands

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Key Facts

  • Small size: 46mmLx26 mmWx4.0mmH
  • Small Form Factor with Powerful Performance
  • RF Power Output up to 30 dBm: Tag Read Distance Over 9 Meters
  • Support for EPC global Gen2 (ISO 18000-6C) Protocol (IP-X & ISO 18000-6B Optional)
  • Reads up to 750 Tags/Sec. to Support Fast Moving Tags & Large Tag Populations
  • Configured for Multiple Regions; FCC (Americas), ETSI (EU, India), China, Korea, Australia & Japan.


  • Handheld Devices & Scanners
  • Mobile/Portable
  • Stationary
  • Battery-operated
  • RFID Printers, Desktop/Port.
  • Tag Commissioning Stations
  • Point of Sale Devices
  • Smartphone Accessories

JADAK develops and manufactures detection and analysis solutions that help customers solve unique inspection, tracking, scanning and documenting challenges.

  • Your expert for data capture technologies: RFID, machine vision, barcode, scanning, printing, color & light measurement products.
  • Handheld RFID scanners, embedded HF RFID boards and UHF RFID boards, fixed mount RFID readers, integrated RFID readers, USB RFID readers, developer kits, and accessories.
  • Detection and analysis solutions, offering RFID, Machine Vision, Barcode, Printing, and Color & Light measurement products and solutions.
Product News

JADAK introduces new ThingMagic EL6e Smart Module

All-in-one embedded RFID solution JADAK, a business unit of Novanta Corporation (“Novanta”), announces the availability of ThingMagic® EL6e UHF RFID smart module for OEM customers. The EL6e is the ideal all-in-one embedded RFID solution for short- to mid-range applications that require a quick path to integration. The EL6e supports autonomous workflows permitting rapid creation of solutions without RFID expertise. It is one of the few available RFID solutions that does not mandate the use of SDKs and integration tools, and it’s among the first products in the market to support a new developer-friendly interface between applications and RAIN RFID readers, the RAIN Communication Interface (RCI).

Solution News

ThingMagic RFID being used at International Space Station

RFID-Enabled Autonomous Logistics Management (REALM) project The NASA International Space Station (ISS) is using the ThingMagic M6e UHF RFID embedded module for their RFID-Enabled Autonomous Logistics Management (REALM) project. That’s right – we can confidently say that our products are literally OUT OF THIS WORLD.

Supplier News

Visit JADAK at AACC 2018 in Chichago, IL USA

Visit JADAK at Booth #4607 of AACC 2018 on July 29 in Chichago, IL USA to learn how detection and analysis solutions can benefit your medical application. Check out our live demonstrations at the Expo to learn how: Machine vision and RFID can improve accuracy and efficiency in a pre-analytical IVD test tube carousel display. Barcode can increase throughput in a high speed IVD carousel. A point of care desktop analyzer with RFID can validate and track consumables. A point of care lateral flow analyzer with machine vision can ensure specimen accuracy and quality. A handheld barcode scanner with RFID can improve patient safety and reduce cost. Machine vision can be used to measure sample quality.

Product News

JADAK Launches ThingMagic IZAR, a 4-Port RAIN RFID Finished Reader

JADAK, a business unit of Novanta Corporation (“Novanta”), is excited to announce the launch of ThingMagic IZAR, its newest 4-port RAIN Ultra-High Frequency (UHF) RFID finished reader. ThingMagic IZAR is a compact, programmable network-attached reader with both read and write capability. Designed for medical, retail, and transportation customers who need to implement a high-performing RFID system while minimizing engineering costs, this UHF RFID finished reader is ready to use out-of-the-box and easy to integrate for customers with limited design capability. ThingMagic IZAR is powerful enough to allow on-reader applications and processes, increasing efficiency and eliminating the need for additional processors, reducing customer design time.

ThingMagic IZAR RAIN UHF Reader
ThingMagic M1-Mini HF Module
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