ARU 8500 RFID Antenna Reader

ARU 8500 RFID Antenna Reader

Shipping Control by means of precise RFID direction recognition

The new ARU 8500 UHF RFID reader enables a reliable detection of goods and the direction of movement. The antenna beam can be swivelled in three areas to track the direction of movement in a gantry or when the goods pass through a gate.

The reader is able to distinguish the transported goods that pass through all three zones from the unmoved goods that are only detectable in one zone. Thus, it is possible to reliably identify the flow of goods and control and optimise production or logistics processes.

The ARU 8500 reader expands the well-known ARU 3000 reader family and can be easily integrated into existing IT and ERP systems using the CrossTalk AutoID software suite.

Michael Kaiser

Our Road to Leadership in Technology

Michael Kaiser
Director Product Management & Innovations
Stephanskirchen, Germany

Key Facts

  • Integrated circular switch-beam antenna
  • Housing made of industry-standard aluminum injection mold
  • Equipped with four high-performance LEDs
  • Automatic loading verification
  • Integrated direction recognition
  • 3 additional external antenna ports
  • Cost-effective overhead mounting


  • Registering goods movement in industrial, logistics, and retail sectors
  • Solution for dock doors to detect goods and their direction of movement
  • Anti-theft system: check whether goods have been paid by customer when leaving the store
  • Asset tracking, e. g. pallets and forklifts in a warehouse or hospital beds in a healthcare facility
  • Shipment Verification
  • Dock Door applications
  • EAS Retail applications
  • Vehicle Logistics

Video Featuring the RAIN RFID Reader ARU8500!

The award-winning RAIN RFID Reader ARU8500 from Kathrein Solutions is an all-in-one device with direction detection and an integrated antenna. Based on an Ethernet communication interface and circular switch-beam technology, the device detects the movement of goods and items.

Kathrein Solutions is revolutionizing the way of working with RFID, AutoID, sensors and RTLS technologies and has become a recognized innovator and market-leader in the AutoID sector.

We are the leading AutoID hardware and software provider for

  • Manufacturing & Logistics
  • Healthcare
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems

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