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Process Automation with Precise Real-Time Location

The new real-time location system K-RTLS combines high localization accuracy in an industrial environment with unique technical features. The system consists of mobile transponders, permanently installed nodes and the CrossTalk IoT suite.

The real-time data about the location and status of the objects available with the RTLS form the basis for networking the parties involved and the logistics processes in their value-added chain.

Vehicles, forklifts, load carriers – if you have a precise view of mobile objects in real time, you increase business process transparency and save costs and time. K-RTLS from Kathrein Solutions presents itself with innovative features.

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Martin Dobler
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K-RTLS Transponder

  • Localization precision of down to 10 cm
  • IP67 Housing: In-house construction and design
  • Firmware: update via the air interface
  • Programmable Multi-Color LED
  • Removable Battery: Battery compartment with screws
  • Battery Life: battery 3 V/1500 mAh with 1000 localizations/day, 5 years battery life
  • Configuration: via the air interface
  • UHF RFID tag and NFC RFID tag connected to microcontroller
  • Contactless identification in long-rage and near-field applications


  • IP40 Housing: indoor version
  • IP67 Housing: outdoor version
  • programmable Multi-Colour LED
  • LAN PoE, 24V: PoE or LAN connection + 24 V or 24 V+2.4 Ghz
  • Mounting Adapter: Compatible with VESA 100, min 10 cm distance to wall
  • Wireless Backbone: node to node without LAN, 2,4 Ghz communication, IEEE 802.15.4
  • Configuration and Firmware Update via LAN and 2.4 Ghz
  • Distance between individual nodes can be up to 80 meters


  • Smart Production and Process Automation by means of precise localization
  • Controlling, documenting & coordinating objects and material flows
  • High-precision location of load carriers, goods tracking and production control
  • Vehicle tracking and precise determination of parking spaces
  • Forklift localization in combination with RFID-tagged goods on the fork

Kathrein Solutions is revolutionizing the way of working with RFID, AutoID, sensors and RTLS technologies and has become a recognized innovator and market-leader in the AutoID sector.

We are the leading AutoID hardware and software solution provider for

  • Manufacturing & Logistics
  • Healthcare
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems
Product News

Kathrein Solutions Launches IoT Suite CrossTalk 3.4

Updates for more Transparency in Production and Logistics! With the IoT Suite “CrossTalk” thousands of AutoID systems are managed in productive operation. The robust and modular software integrates all common RFID Devices and RTLS systems. Common IT interfaces such as web services SOAP/REST, MQTT, EPCIS or OPC/UA can be used right “out of the box”. With version 3.4, the Kathrein Solutions software team is launching another important update of the IoT Suite CrossTalk. The software, which is widely used in RFID and RTLS environments, will include numerous new and improved functions. The most important new features are described below. In addition, there are more than 100 new functions and improvements for the application and reliability of the software.

Supplier News

Kathrein Solutions Sponsors the RFID & Wireless tomorrow 2019

Kathrein Solutions as sponsor and participant of #WIOTtomorrow19! Kathrein Solutions offers comprehensive Auto ID turnkey solutions for digitization of business processes in Industry, Logistics and Healthcare. Kathrein Solutions is revolutionizing the way of working with RFID, AutoID, sensors and RTLS technologies and became a recognized innovator and market leader in the AutoID sector. Kathrein Solutions offers a modular AutoID portfolio including hardware, software, services and support to our business partners.

Product News

Kathrein Presents New ARU 8500 RFID Antenna Reader at #WIOTtomorrow19

Optimal Shipping Control by Means of Precise RFID Direction Recognition At the RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow 2019, Kathrein Solutions presents a new product, ARU 8500 reader from the ARU reader family. The more complex the logistics processes become, the higher the demands for reliable and high-performance reading devices. The new ARU 8500 reader with an integrated circular switch-beam antenna enables precise detection of goods and their direction of movement. Ubiquity means the ability to be present everywhere. However, it is also a requirement for industrial production or logistics processes that shipped goods or commodities are tracked at all times. The transitions between the production areas or individual parts in the supply chain are of central importance. The device is characterised by a greater processing capacity and, therefore, a fast reading process as well as increased reading accuracy, even under difficult conditions.

Solution News

Nationwide Vehicle Identification at the Foot of the Pyramids

Case study from Kathrein Solutions! Background Egypt has around 100 million inhabitants, 20 million of which live in Cairo. There are about 20 million cars in the country, and there are more and more every single day. Many of these cars are very old and sometimes not registered. Unfortunately, the number of accidents per year is very high. Hence, there are many reasons to invest into a new, innovative and comprehensive solution for vehicle identification.

Solution News

Railway Tracking & Monitoring

Case Study by Kathrein Solutions Challenge Railway operators need to guarantee the availability of their railway networks as they are widely used these days. Even minor incidents can lead to major disruptions in the dense and complicated timetable of the transport system. One way to avoid incidents and accidents is to use security checkpoints, where various parameters are measured, such as profile clearance, wheel loads, heat, fire or chemical leakage. The challenge was to identify alarming measurements as accurately as possible down to an axle/wheel of a certain rail car body, in order to perform the actions as efficiently as possible.

ARU 8500 RFID Antenna Reader
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