RFID & Wireless IoT Global Issue 04-2022
Dual Frequency Inlay DF426

Dual Frequency Inlay DF426

UHF RFID and NFC Technology in One Inlay

One unique tag is better than two tags:

  • with one technology all requirements/functions are covered
  • using more than one tag in a project adds complexity
  • less impact on the process itself (timing &costs)
  • customer centric model for authentication
  • activate marketing 1:1

Benefits of a shared memory:

  • without shared memory, tags would have to be encoded twice
  • NFC apps have access to B2B logistics data
  • smartphone can be used to support simple logistics operation in environments with no rain interface
Juergen Mangold, LAB ID

Juergen Mangold, LAB ID
Sales Representative
Kirchheim, Germany

Key Facts

  • based on chip EM4423
  • unique IC with a common unique ID (UID / EPC / TID)
  • onboard shared memory
  • HF/NFC Interface (NFC Forum Type 2 compatible)
  • UHF/EPC Interface EPC (Gen2 V2 compliant)
  • 128-bit or 224-bit UII/EPC
  • 1920-bit user’s memory
  • produced as dry/wet inlays or paper labels

Variants: DF105, DF4426 and B34


  • tracking & tracing
  • inventory POS
  • shop antitheft
  • marketing 1:1 (product info)

Founded in 2002 with headquarters in Bologna, Italy, LAB ID is a leading European manufacturer and supplier of RFID inlays and tags. The LAB ID product portfolio includes:

  • Standard portfolio of HF / UHF inlays, which also takes into account customer-specific requirements
  • Technical support for system design and selection of antenna
  • Innovative solutions for applications in the areas of fashion & luxury
  • Printing & Encoding Services
  • Innovative NFC solutions in the area of brand protection & counterfeiting security

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Dual Frequency Inlay DF426
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