Printing Service Bureau

Printing Service Bureau

Wide Selection of Printing and RFID Encoding Options

Based on LAB ID inlays/labels, customer may benefit of a wide selection of printing and RFID encoding options for variable data. Thanks to high speed equipments, the service is based on the following:

  • Datasource coming directly at the order from customer
  • Wide Printing and Encoding options selection
  • 100% checks on data integrity
  • Tag reels packaging customizable
  • Multiple Deliveries to different sites and CMS
  • Complete report log file
Juergen Mangold

Juergen Mangold
Sales Representative
Kirchheim, Germany

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Key Facts

  • Correct data format
  • Post encoding report and data management
  • Process Speed (up to 25K/h)
  • Quality checks may be customised in the process
  • No maintenance: ribbon and tag are provided by LAB ID
  • Avoid any mistake at customer’s side (100% checks) or avoid any difficult situations in programming
  • Univocity controls and checks
  • SW developments for encoding and printing available on request
  • No management, stock, cost for consumable parts or specific HW
  • No special trained workforce needed from customer


  • Fashion brands with multiple production sources
  • Central order management and outsourced service source
  • Customizable data management

Founded in 2002 with headquarters in Bologna, Italy, LAB ID is a leading European manufacturer and supplier of RFID inlays and tags. The LAB-ID product portfolio includes:

  • Standard portfolio of HF / UHF inlays, which also takes into account customer-specific requirements
  • Technical support for system design and selection of antenna
  • Innovative solutions for applications in the areas of fashion & luxury
  • Printing & Encoding Services
  • Innovative NFC solutions in the area of brand protection & counterfeiting security
EPC Booster and RainOS
Dual Frequency Inlay DF426