LEGIC Connect

LEGIC Connect

Mobile Credentials & Access Control Platform with End-to-End Encryption, Bluetooth and NFC

LEGIC Connect is a software service that delivers a comprehensive stack of trusted services for secure, contactless mobile credentialing solutions. Based on the LEGIC neon technology standard and fully compatible with LEGIC Orbit and LEGIC Security Modules (SM-63xx series), it guarantees the secure distribution of mobile credentials to any iOS or Android device as well as end-to-end encrypted communications between cloud, mobile users, and embedded systems / infrastructure.

Carl Fenger

Carl Fenger
Technical Communications Manager
Wetzikon, Switzerland

By integrating LEGIC Connect into existing system infrastructures, a smartphone can become anything – a door opener, train ticket, time & attendance tracker, car key and much more.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive mobile credentialling service available worldwide
  • End-to-end AES encryption based on LEGIC Orbit managed encryption service
  • Specialized on enabling secure mobile business models
  • Simple integration with existing service infrastructure via APIs
  • Highly scalable for any size of project
  • Contactless credentials can be personalized “over-the-air”
  • Securely and easily connects any user to your infrastructure
  • Integrates with your mobile app based on a LEGIC-provided Mobile SDK for iOS and Android, or with Apple and Google Wallets
  • Supports Bluetooth Low Energy and NFC-HCE – works even when smartphones and infrastructure are offline
  • Immune against man-in-the-middle and replay attacks

Application Fields

  • Mobile Credentialing
  • Access Control
  • Secure mobile access to Industrial IoT sensors
  • Smartphone-based Smart City and eMobility applications
  • Security Systems

For over 30 years, Swiss-based LEGIC Identsystems has enabled companies from around the world to deploy solutions with demanding security requirements. Based on key management, trusted services and secure, contactless semiconductors, the LEGIC Security Platform provides end-to-end security for smartphone- and smartcard-based access, mobility, shared resource and industrial IoT applications.

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