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LEGIC Connect Go

LEGIC Connect Go

Simple Mobile Credentials & Access Control Platform with End-to-End Encryption, Bluetooth and NFC

Designed to make the world of mobile credentials available to everyone, LEGIC Connect Go is an award-winning software service that focuses on simplicity and ease of use. While relying on the same standards and security levels as LEGIC Connect, the value proposition of LEGIC Connect Go is refined to focus on the quick and easy deployment of your trusted services.

Carl Fenger

Carl Fenger
Technical Communications Manager
Wetzikon, Switzerland

Be it for residential or office access control, rental scooters, storage lockers for hospital staff, or virtual mobile keys for shared vehicles, LEGIC Connect Go enables your mobile app to enable users to register for and use shared resources quickly, easily, and round-the-clock based on pre-configured credentials. The LEGIC SM-63xx series Security Modules are also part of this platform.

Key Features

  • Cloud-based mobile credentialing service
  • Highly available 24/7 distribution service backend included – no need for your own
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Scalable to your needs
  • Simple Operation via UI or API
  • Offline functionality

Application Fields

  • Mobile Authorization
  • Access Control
  • Resource sharing (printers, mobility vehicles, etc).

For over 30 years, Swiss-based LEGIC Identsystems has enabled companies from around the world to deploy solutions with demanding security requirements. Based on key management, trusted services and secure, contactless semiconductors, the LEGIC Security Platform provides end-to-end security for smartphone- and smartcard-based access, mobility, shared resource and industrial IoT applications.

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Application Fields

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