Core-Based RFID Product Tracking
  • Core-Based RFID Product Tracking

Core-Based RFID Product Tracking

Applying the RFID tag to the core

It is often not possible to use barcode-based IDs on product rolls. When barcodes are applied to the outside of product rolls, the line of sight to the barcodes must be maintained in order to scan them. Once the rolled product material is used, this automatically results in the barcode being removed with the outer layer.

To avoid this, an RFID tag is applied to the core before the product is wound up. Optionally, the tag can also be applied inside the core. In this case the product material can already be rolled up on the core.

Often products vary in the width, and thus the size of the roll and the placement of RFID tag. Logopak solutions can be adapted to the different sizes to ensure that the transponder is always placed in the correct position.

Through the Logopak software, the integration into existing ERP / MES system is possible.

Lars Thuring

Lars Thuring
Senior Manager Strategy & Product Management
Hartenholm, Germany

Key Facts

  • Enables tracking of products (paper, plastic films, etc.) that are delivered rolled on paper cores with RAIN UHF RFID tags applied.
  • The core can be tagged on the inside with the product rolled up (410 DX RFID), or the core can be tagged on the outside (410 T RFID) before the product is rolled up.
  • Both versions allow product rolls to be tracked after commissioning.


  • Automatic identification of rolls with different sizes.
  • Enables tracking of cores in production and ensures that the correct customer-specific material (thickness, quality, material) is used.
  • After production, the same RFID tag can be used for logistics and supply chain processes. The tag can also be used by the end user of the product.

For more than 40 years, from their base in Hartenholm, Germany, Logopak has developed and produced integrated systems for labeling and coding technology from production to shipping.

Logopak provides:

  • Labeling solutions
  • Real-time labeling Print & Apply
  • RFID and barcode systems
  • Industrial middleware
  • Worldwide sale of consumables and service

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