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Araneo IoT Platform
  • Araneo IoT Platform
  • Araneo IoT Platform
  • Araneo IoT Platform
  • Araneo IoT Platform

Araneo IoT Platform

The IoT Platform for Fashion & Apparel Retail

Araneo is the IoT platform in Fashion & Apparel Retail consisting of various modular components, which is not only optimizing the internal goods flow but is also capable to revolutionize the customer experience. With the use of RFID technology, the entire supply chain can be supervised in real time.

Replenishment and restocking orders can be triggered automatically. In- and outbound processes can be handled handsfree with the use of RFID. Areneo’s user-friendly mobile application boosts inventory management accuracy. It allows for customer driven or automated refilling requests and quick search of available items in the store. KPI’s, alerts and user defined reports are just a few possible tools to raise the full potential of your RFID implementation.

Sander Merkx

Sander Merkx
Management Consulting & Co-Founder
Hoofddorp, The Netherlands

Key Features

Increase Inventory Visibility and Accuracy

Araneo delivers advanced real-time inventory visibility, enabling improved replenishment and restocking. This leads to increased inventory accuracy and sales, and the opportunity to reduce safety stock levels as inaccuracies decrease.

Ultimate Omnichannel Customer Experience

Omnichannel retailing is key for success. Araneo (with item level RFID) enables fast and accurate handling of rapidly increasing customer requests over all channels and related logistical goods flows: B2B, store to store transfers, click and buy, click and collect as well as the variety of returns processes.  

Increase (Cross) Sales and Reduce Lost Sales 

Reduce the risk of lost sales by increasing the accuracy of inventories, quick item localization, and ability to manage reservations and refill actions easily. In addition, high on-shelf availability and low out-of-stock events are crucial for customer experience and (cross-) selling opportunities.  

Real Time (Big Data) Information and Control 

To realize the potential that RFID offers to the retail supply chain and stores, a holistic, big data, timeseries and IoT driven software solution is required. Araneo offers IoT solutions in the cloud to fully leverage the potential of RFID for Fashion & Apparel retailers.  

Extremely Scalable 

With an increasing number of solutions and implementations within the chain, the Araneo platform scales along with its functionalities, data usages and storage.

Future-Proof Platform 

To guarantee the sustainability of our customers’ investments we are adding enhancements and improvements on an ongoing basis by identifying and defining solutions for new trends. Even today the platform is already able to support futuristic technologies like on-shelf displays and more.

Application Fields

  • Fashion & Apparel Retail
  • Inventory

We provide insight in the logistic flows and open the doors to Industry 4.0.

Founded in 2000, Mieloo & Alexander has almost 20 years of experience as a Business Integrator. Our specialization is the delivery of 'Technology enabled Supply Chain improvement'. We support clients worldwide in different sectors i.e. the Fashion Retail, Logistics, Industry and RTI Management.

Our AutoID integrators design, build and implement UHF RFID technology systems to improve your internal and external business processes. Our on-site and cloud-based software and IoT platforms, will take your supply chain management to the next level.

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Araneo IoT Platform
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