Miniature Transponder NeoTAG®

Miniature Transponder NeoTAG®

NeoTAG® Plug 4335, NeoTAG® Inlay 2626

When developing these remarkable little NeoTAG® transponders we have placed special emphasis on easy assembly and extreme durability – even under toughest conditions.

The incredibly small RFID-Transponder NeoTAG® is a perfect solution for the identification with a remarkably wide range – even in metallic environments.

With the long NeoTAG® version the reading distance is up to 200 mm.

Matthias Höß

We provide ferrites and antenna solutions for LF, HF and UHF transponders and readers.

Matthias Höß
Manager R&D and Project Management
Halver, Germany

Key Facts

  • 2.6 x 2.6 x 2.4 millimetres
  • Also comes as press fit (NeoTAG® Plug), (NeoTAG® Inlay)
  • Different IC types available
  • ISO 15693 compliant
  • ISO 14443 compliant
  • Ferrite core
  • Temperature-resistant up to 220 degrees Celsius over 2 hours and 167 cycles, or 275 degrees Celsius over 15 minutes and 1 cycle
  • Reading by mobile NFC devices
  • Autoclavable
  • metal/non metal


  • Tool management
  • Marking of medical instruments
  • Maintenance and documentation
  • Counterfeit protection

For almost 80 years, Neosid has stood for high-quality products in the field of industrial electronics. NEOSID develops, manufactures, and supplies ferrite components, inductors, RFID antennas, and RFID transponders.

  • Ferrites and antennas for transponders and readers, solutions for LF, HF and UHF applications
  • Miniature RFID HF transponders
  • Development partner for RFID projects concerning transponders and reader antennas

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NeoTAG® Plug
Miniature Transponder NeoTAG®
NeoTAG® Plug FG/MFG10340
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