NTAG 424 DNA / NTAG 424 DNA TagTamper

NTAG 424 DNA / NTAG 424 DNA TagTamper

A Powerful Mix of Security, Privacy & Trust for NFC in today’s IoT

NTAG 424 DNA sets a new standard in secure NFC and IoT applications. The chip platform offers state-of-the-art features for security and privacy protection, on attack-resistant certified silicon. The NTAG 424 DNA is architected to provide AES-128 cryptographic operation, the SUN authentication mechanism upon each read-out by an NFC enabled mobile device, as well as sensitive data protection with crypto-secure access permissions. This enables advanced product and content protection, plus secured and unique user experiences served in real-time.

The NTAG 424 DNA TagTamper tags go further, as they detect product opening and can support status-aware messaging, once the tag’s seal or label has been broken and tapped with an NFC phone.

Sylvia Kaiser-Kershaw

Sylvia Kaiser-Kershaw
Global Marketing - Smart Products & Services
Gratkorn, Austria

Key Features

  • Maximum NFC interoperability: ISO/IEC 14443-A, NFC Forum Type 4 Tag
  • 416 bytes memory organized in three data files: 32 bytes CC, 256 bytes NDEF file, and a 128 bytes secure file
  • Common Criteria®EAL4 certified security
  • Standard AES-128 cryptography
  • Secure unique NFC (SUN) message authentication to make taps unclonable – no app needed
  • Mutual authentication to access the protected data file
  • Protected communication on a contactless air interface
  • NXP originality signature and AES-128 based NXP originality check for assurance of tag origin
  • Random ID and encrypted UID for enhanced privacy protection
  • Ultra-fast communication (up to 848 Kbits/s) for fast read/write
  • Optional tamper loop for once-opened status detection (NTAG 424 DNA TagTamper)


  • Advanced anti-counterfeiting
  • Secure supply-chain traceability and authorized data access
  • Hyper-personalized content and experiences
  • Trusted offers for vouchers, loyalty coupons, etc.
  • Authenticated documents
  • Auditable trail of presence
  • Tamper proofing (NTAG 424 DNA TagTamper)
  • Status-driven messaging pre/post retail (NTAG 424 DNA TagTamper)

NXP is the ideal choice for any RFID implementation.

NXP Semiconductors N.V. (NASDAQ: NXPI) enables secure connections and infrastructure for a smarter world, advancing solutions that make lives easier, better, and safer.

  • NXP’s IP core technologies in processing, connectivity and security enabling secure connections for a smarter world
  • Worldwide #1 leadership position in innovative high-performance mixed signal solutions in the identification and automotive industry
  • More than 9,000 issued and pending patent families

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