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UHF Endura Tag

UHF Endura Tag

product Code: U6211510

The Endura Tag is a UHF On-Metal tag specially designed for outdoor tracking applications. It is a rugged & highly durable tag, which reads at a good distance when attached to metal surfaces.

Pranay Seth

Pranay Seth
General Manager (Sales and Marketing)
Gurugram, India

Key Features

  • It reads at a good distance when attached to metal surfaces
  • It can be affixed with the help of screws through holes provided
  • Can also be provided with adhesive tape for easy attachment
  • It is available in different chips and memory sizes
  • Chip: Alien Higgs-3
  • Operating temperature: -40 °C to +80 °C
  • Ingress protection rating: IP68
  • Read range:
    On metal – Up to 10 m
    Off metal – Up to 2 m

Application Fields

  • Asset Tracking
  • Container Tracking
  • Waste Management

Established in 2005, Omnia Technologies is a leading manufacturer of RFID Tags for auto identification and tracking. Our R&D center comprising of modern technology and led by a proficient team, has successfully developed many new designs as per industry requirements.

Our product portfolio includes:

  • Over 70 different RFID tags in various frequencies: LF, HF & UHF.
  • Customized RFID tags according to the specific requirement.
  • NFC tags
  • IoT-based sensors

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