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OPC UA Compliance Test Tool (UACTT)

OPC UA Compliance Test Tool (UACTT)

The CTT can be used to test OPC UA Client and Server products for compliance to the OPC UA specification.

Multiple versions of the CTT are maintained in order to ensure that products developed against earlier versions of the OPC UA specification can continue to be tested for compliance to those specification versions and associated profiles.

Alexander Allmendinger

Alexander Allmendinger
Test Lab Manager
Salach, Germany

Key Facts

  • Client and Server modes of testing, including all test-scripts
  • Sample configurations for testing OPC Foundation Servers
  • Complete product documentation and test case documentation
  • Command-line interface for automated testing within your build system
  • Exclusive section reserved for User-defined test-scripts


  • Secure and reliable exchange of data in the industrial automation space and in other industries

The OPC Foundation is the world’s leading community for interoperability solutions based on OPC communication specifications that deliver universal connectivity.

  • International: OPC UA is Standard IEC62541 and +750 Members Worldwide
  • Security: Integrated „by Design“ – Analyzed by the BSI
  • Scalable: Sensor to the IT cloud
  • Independent: Vendor, Operating System Industry and Language
  • Transport independent: TCP / HTTPS / UDP / AMQP / MQTT / Extensible

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