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  • r-pac TWINTAG
  • r-pac TWINTAG


Intelligence. Security. Engagement. All in a Single Tag.

r-pac’s single-chip dual-frequency RFID tags enable supply chain visibility, consumer engagement and brand protection, all in one product. The TWINTAG has been designed for retailers and brands to realize all the benefits of connected merchandise and item-level traceability from needle to closet.

  • Enabling real time visibility through production, logistics and distribution
  • Connecting with consumers in-store and throughout the product lifecycle
  • Advanced security and privacy features to address the challenges of today’s connected world
Kai Hauck

Kai Hauck
Regional Sales Director
Windhof, Luxembourg

The Next Level of Performance

Connect with customers throughout the product lifecycle, transform operations and prevent damage to your brand.

TWINTAG combines the power of ultra-high frequency RFID and High Frequency NFC in a single tag. Three convenient sizes and optimum performance characteristics making TWINTAG an ideal choice to embed into any product.

Sizes: DF301 30 x 50 mm, DF14 14 x 70 mm, DF101 10 x 70 mm

Key Facts

  • Operating Modes:
    UHF: 860 - 960 MHz
    NFC: 13.56 MHz
  • Integrated Circuit (IC): EM4452
  • Protocol: ISO/IEC 18000-63, ISO/IEC 15693
  • EPC Class 1 Gen2 V2
  • ISO/IEC 18000-3


  • Tracking & Tracing in the Supply Chain
  • Product Authentication
  • Consumer Engagement

r-pac International serves as a leading global organization dedicated to supplying brand concepts, graphics, products and solutions to all partners in the retail supply chain. Our experienced service and production teams work with clients to provide award-winning brand solutions from concept to execution.

  • Global Locations: 30+
  • Corporate Headquarters in New York City
  • Employees Worldwide: 4,500+
  • Current Turnover Volume: 400+ Million USD
  • Years in Business: 30+

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