RFID Retail Brand Tag
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RFID Retail Brand Tag

Apparel RFID tags are the most cost efficient RFID products in the world. With various designs for applications, we can offer you the right UHF label based on your requirements.

This tag complies with the EPC C1G2 (ISO18000-6C) standard with an operating frequency of 860~960MHz. It can be used immediately worldwide. In addition to paper, ABS, PE, PVC and other materials are also available.

In collaoration with a traditional apparel accessories producer, we make skillful use of a variety of materials, crafts, color printing, brand tags assembled with coherent integrated RFID inlays and our capabilities in customized design.

Phoebe Bu

Phoebe Bu
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Shanghai, China

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  • Paperboard Brand RFID Card with or without string;
  • Printed RFID Woven brand label
  • UHF chip: UCOD serial, U7, Impinj, Monza4/5/R6, Alien H3/4 etc.
  • Standard: ISO 18000-6C; EPC Class 1 Gen 2 and ISO-18000-6C
  • Frequency: 840MHz to 960 MHz
  • Antenna: AL Etching, thickness 0.03mm with adhesive
  • Materials: Coated Paper, Offset Paper, laminated PVC and PET
  • Dimensions: Paper: 42 x 92mm, 45 x 165mm; PVC/PET :95x 40mm; or customized as a requirement of the electronic performance of RFID inlay
  • Thickness: Paper: 175gsm; PVC/PET: 0.4mm~1.5mm
  • Structure: Gluing, Laminating
  • Read range: 1-8 Meters, depending on the RFID inlay and RFID reader antenna
  • Write range: 1-5 Meters
  1. Our team has almost half a century of substantial experience in apparel tag manufacturing
  2. State-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities
  3. Professional manufacturing of both RFID technologies and brand tags
  4. 100% QC before delivery
  5. Products are associated to the current order


  • Item-level RFID tracking of retail products
  • Inventory
  • Apparel logistics and supply chain

HUAYUAN has been focusing on RFID R&D since 1995. With over 20 years of experience in the development of RFID technology, we provide a world-class RFID tag production line and offer a comprehensive product portfolio that includes:

  • RFID antenna research and design; etching, copper winding for customized performance and specifications
  • Insertion, conversion and encapsulation for various environments and applications
  • E-Ticket solutions with plastic cards, paper cards, wristbands, bracelets etc. with assembled RFID/NFC
  • Contactless cards, tag printing, manufacturing with laminated RF NFC
  • Apparel branding and label solutions, brand protection & security solutions
Solution News

RAIN RFID Jewelry Tags

With over 20 years of converting experience, HUAYUAN Electronic has engineered an RFID tag and label converting platform that allows conversion of industry standard Jewelry tags into RFID tags. HUAYUAN has started to focus on bringing the benefits of RFID to jewelry manufacturers and resellers.

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HUAYUAN Provides UHF RFID Ceramic Tags with On Metal Design

Three ways to produce RFID tags, which are not affected by the interference of metal assets It is impossible for an common passive UHF RFID tag to work properly on metal surface. Hence passive RFID tags are often confronted with a number of problems in harsh industrial environments. There are three typical ways to produce RFID tag, which are not affected by the interference of metal assets, in our experience. Below you will find a brief presentation of our experience.

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Huayuan's NFC Mini Tags – Label for Smart Industries

The rapid development of the modern society forces industries to improve their production efficiency and business format continuously, most of traditional industries face challenges during those transformations. RFID technology, as the epochal technology to accelerate the business to satisfy variable requirements in globally.

Solution News

NFC and UHF Tamper Tags by Huayuan

From vehicle identification to proof of authenticity of wine and pharmaceuticals Huayuan offers a comprehensive portfolio of RFID tamper tag solutions. All tamper-proof RFID tags are 100 percent customer-specific regarding the respective application and the prevailing requirements. The following solutions are examples of the various applications possible.

Apparel Branding and Label Solution
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