Rinas RFE

Rinas RFE

For reel-to-reel or fanfold ticketing applications

Primarily targeting the RFID ticketing community, the RFE accepts continuous pre-printed tickets either in fan-folded form or in batch rolls containing typically anything up to 5,000 individual tickets – the limiting factor being the physical size of the drum for ease of handling.

Up to 20,000 tickets of different sizes and paper qualities can be processed per shift and the range of possible applications within local public transport, city marketing, or customer loyalty systems is almost limitless.

Armin Rinas

We don't make devices. We set standards.

Armin Rinas
Managing Director
Aftholderberg, Germany

Key Facts

  • Ticket Dimensions (Std.): Length: min. ~40.0 mm, Width: ~30.0 mm to ~87.0 mm, Thickness: ~0.15 mm to ~0.6 mm
  • Supported RFID tags:Legic®, Mifare®, Icode®, Hitag®, EM, and custom (own reader)
  • Scanner: Barcodes (common), 2D-codes (common), OCR
  • Monochrome print module print width: 12.7 mm (Ink-Jet) / 54 mm (DoD)
  • Resolution (dpi): 600 x 600 or 1,200 x 600 (DoD)


  • Classical public transportation
  • City marketing & tourism
  • Customer loyalty card systems
  • Employee and access cards
  • Payback systems
  • Cinema or theatre tickets
  • Packaging labels and stickers

For over 30 years, Rinas has been supplying precision engineered OEM and stand-alone card encoding and analysis solutions to major mechanical engineering and card personalization manufacturers worldwide.

  • Production equipment for RFID, magnet and Smart Cards
  • Individual or continuous ticket encoding
  • Card handling (separating, printing, scanning, sorting, stacking)
  • Bespoke machinery / customer-specific engineering
  • Electronic component and software development

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