RAIN RFID Overmolded Uni Metal Tag
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RAIN RFID Overmolded Uni Metal Tag

Front reading is not the only choice for on-metal application

Typically, metal tags need to be applied to the front surface of a metallic object to ensure optimal performance. RAIN RFID Overmolded Uni Metal Tag is tailored for tag reading from the other side of metal.

The tag‘s unique antenna design takes advantage of the metal by making it part of the antenna. Encapsulated by industrial-grade plastic housing, it is suitable for harsh environments and daily use.

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The purpose of LPG cylinder management is to make sure the gas bottle in use is under a wellmaintained condition to prevent any safety issue to human life. Traditionally, service providers mark the maintenance record or lot number on the housing by painting or hand writing. However, it is inevitable human error or negligence might lead to a false record.

With the help of the RFID system, Overmolded Unit Metal Tag can help keep tracking of its usage and maintenance history accurately.


  • Industrial field
  • Process control
  • Intralogistics
  • RTI management
  • Maintenance record
  • Asset management

After years of endeavor, SAG has become synonymous with quality RFID transponders ranging from LF and HF to UHF. Our product and service portfolio covers:

  • Continuous focus on product innovation & technique improvement
  • Comprehensive expertise in tailored antenna, mechanical design and customisation capabilities
  • Great flexibility in customised project development and complete in-house manufacturing technology
  • High commitment to deliver consistent quality product and premium service
  • Extensive product portfolio for a wide range of RFID applications
Supplier News

Small and powerful: SAG unveils 6mm Plug Metal Tag at Hannover Messe

Hannover Messe has been the largest trade fair for industrial technology for years. This year, CeMAT takess place at the same time to provide automation, digitisation, intralogistics, and supply chain with one giant stage. SAG will be attending Hannover Messe this April to unveil two new products: the Cable Tie Tag and the 6mm Plug Metal Tag.

Supplier News

SAG RAIN RFID Adjustable Wristband will catch your eye at RFID Journal Live 2018

SAG is a veteran at RFID Journal Live. This is an event for professional suppliers of RFID technology with exhibitions and conferences to showcase the latest RFID innovations and applications. Each and every year, SAG takes advantage of this platform by presenting our RFID firepower for different sectors. In 2018, we present our new RAIN RFID adjustable wristband.

Cable Tie Tag
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