NFC Tamper Proof Tags
  • NFC Tamper Proof Tags
  • NFC Tamper Proof Tags

NFC Tamper Proof Tags

Tamper proof NFC tags for authentication check and information sharing

SIVA’s NFC tags can be applied to high-value retail items, allowing consumers to tap their NFC enabled device onto the product to authenticate and ascertain the genuineness of the product. Our Tamper-Proof NFC labels use a unique tag construction, where any attempt made to open the tag results in breakage of the RFID circuitry, rendering the tag non-readable. A non-readable tag makes the authenticity check unsuccessful.

The NFC Bottle Seal Tag is designed such that it applied covering the bottle cap opening and the neck/body of the bottle, whereas the Jewellery Label is designed to pass the tail of the label through a hole/cavity of the object and place the tip inside the flap and secured by overlapping the other flap of the label onto it. These NFC tags can also be used to share product information, promotions or to enhance customer engagement.

Arjun Aggarwal

SIVA is a highly customer focused family company with a strong value system. Our passion for constant innovation & high quality are key attributes of our RFID labels/tags. We view ourselves as a strategic partner to our customers, determined in achieving excellence in all aspects of our business.

Arjun Aggarwal
Goa, India

Key Facts

  • Dimensions in mm: Jewelry Tag: 89 x 37 | Bottle Seal: 71 x 32
  • Facilitates brand authentication and information sharing
  • Tamper proof and non-transferable
  • Customer specific encoding of EPC
  • Customized printing of logo, text, and numbers
  • Mounted using high performance permanent self-adhesive  


  • Authentication by clients
  • Jewelry and watch tagging
  • Wine and cosmetics bottle tagging
  • Tagging of luxury items

Tamper Proof Tags

SIVA IoT is an Indian family-owned business producing Specialist & Niche RFID labels & tags for a wide range of industries securing assets, facilitating cashless transactions and goods authentication, streamlining supply chains and bringing about efficiencies in manufacturing.

  • Production facility in Goa, India
  • In-house R&D team of RF engineers
  • Quality Right First Time approach to production
  • Streamlined production processes allows us to be a competitive supplier

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