Clarity® RFID Item-Level Solution
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Clarity® RFID Item-Level Solution

Clarity® is an enterprise-class item-level RFID inventory management solution

Clarity® is our proprietary RFID item-level inventory management solution that provides faster, easier inventory execution, increasing both retail supply chain and individual store efficiency as well as integrating with your existing ERP or business intelligence systems.

The complete Clarity® suite contains all the functionality needed to improve supply chain efficiency and inventory management. It has been designed to enable full operational control and new inventory management processes based on years of in-store RFID experience.”

Dean Frew

Dean Frew
Chief Technology Officer and Senior VP of RFID Solutions
Plano, United States

Key Facts

To further simplify using RFID for retailers and brand owners, this enterprise-class retail RFID platform supports multiple operating systems, such as iOS, Android and Window 10 and over 30 languages to support global rollouts.

SML had over 20 billions RFID data transactions on Clarity® platform in 2019, and have 15,000 handheld devices using Clarity® software in the Retail market. Enabling SML to be the number 1 provider in the world for Enterprise Item-Level RFID executive systems.


Using Clarity® retailers can enhance their existing enterprise IT systems and utilize powerful features needed to improve retail operations and retail inventory management.

SML is a leading technology provider for this New Era in Retailing. As the full-service RFID solution provider and trusted partner to the world’s largest retailers and fashion brands, delivering proven results and rapid ROI’s. SML offers the industry a broad spectrum of cost-effective high performance certified RFID Inspire™ tags and a global network of encoding solutions to enterprise-class RFID software Clarity® for retail stores throughout the supply chain.

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