Clarity™ UHF RFID Inlay & Tag
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Clarity™ UHF RFID Inlay & Tag

Clarity™ is SML’s proprietary RFID item level inventory management solution

SML has partnered with the world’s leading RFID integrated circuit manufacturers, NXP, Impinj and Alien, allowing SML to develop the most comprehensive suite of inlay products to address a wide spectrum of tagged items and use cases.

All of SML’s RFID inlays are developed using EPC standard. SML has the largest set of inlays certified by the University of Auburn ARC lab.

Dean Frew

Dean Frew
Chief Technology Officer and Senior VP of RFID Solutions
Plano, United States

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SML’s innovative RFID technologies allows the SML team to develop and deliver state-of-art, cost effective high quality encoded RFID inlays and tags for retail supply chain applications. SML has delivered over 1.3 billion encoded RFID tags to retailers in 2017, is a trusted partner to the world’s largest retailer and top fashion brands.


  • Using Clarity™ retailers can enhance their existing enterprise IT systems and utilize powerful features needed to improve retail operations and inventory management.

SML is a global business and branding solutions provider. We partner with the world’s most prominent brands and retailers, incorporating our innovative technologies to help them work smarter and to reach higher quality, long-term solutions.

  • Tags: Wide range of high-quality RFID tags; able to encapsulate with different materials
  • Service Bureau & Flexiprint: Allows to provide standard and high-end RFID labels in short time
  • Inventory Solution Clarity: offers a powerful feature set that can be utilized throughout supply chain management, such as auditing shipments, counting stock in stores, etc.
Supplier News

SML expands capacity to support growing global RFID market for Retail

An impressive year for RFID has been witnessed across the globe SML, the leading full-service Item-level RFID solution provider, has announced its impressive progress in the retail industry. In 2017, the company produced over 1.4 billion encoded RFID tags, allowing SML to deliver encoded RFID tags to over 95% of the retail RFID rollout projects around the world.

Solution News

SML Enables Mobile Phone Retailers to Reduce Shrink and Out-of-Stocks

The mobile phone industry has seen rapid growth within the last decade; driving competition amongst brands to release the latest handset and upgrades. The sector has become one of the fastest growing with 380 million units sold in 2017 alone. As the industry continues to see exponential growth, retailers within this space are experiencing a number of challenges around accurate inventory management. These challenges include the time it takes receiving out-of-stock products and adequate shrink management within their stores. As competition amongst these retailers intensifies, they are seeking new ways to enhance their inventory management and adapt to ever-changing customer needs by utilizing item-level RFID technology.

Supplier News

SML Becomes Sponsor of Auburn University RFID Center

SML RFID, global leader in delivering high-performance and high quality encoded RFID tags for the majority of successful RFID retail projects, has today announced it has become a member of Auburn University’s RFID Center and taken a seat on its board of advisors.

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