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SML offers high speed and high quality imprint and encoding service

Customers can choose from a range of fully integrated brand labels or standard RFID tags which can be delivered anywhere in the world, fully coded with EPC identification data and within seven days of receiving SKU information.

Dean Frew

Dean Frew
Chief Technology Officer and Senior VP of RFID Solutions
Plano, United States

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SML operates the world largest network of RFID Service Bureaus with 19 locations globally, which delivers inlay & tag encoding technology and services to support our customers on-demand orders around the globe.


  • SML’s proprietary RFID technology offers high speed and high quality imprint and encoding service, also performing a 100% quality control process, to ensure the tag products we provided are in good quality on both the data accuracy and RFID reading performance.

SML is a global business and branding solutions provider. We partner with the world’s most prominent brands and retailers, incorporating our innovative technologies to help them work smarter and to reach higher quality, long-term solutions.

  • Tags: Wide range of high-quality RFID tags; able to encapsulate with different materials
  • Service Bureau & Flexiprint: Allows the quick provision of standard and high-end RFID labels
  • Inventory Solution Clarity: Offers a powerful feature set that can be utilized throughout supply chain management, such as auditing shipments, counting stock in stores, etc.
Product News

SML Launches EcoHanger™

Reducing Plastic Waste in Retail Garment Hangers by 50% Global business and branding solutions provider, SML, has today announced the launch of its innovative EcoHanger™, which uses recycled chipboard, aiming to eliminate over 50% of plastic usage to meet the growing needs for sustainable retailing.

Supplier News

SML RFID Opens New Retail Ideation Space in Shanghai

A Fully Immersive Retail Experimental Space SML, the world's leading provider of full-service item-level RFID solutions, has announced the launch of its second Retail Ideation Space (RIS) in Shanghai, China. At the opening ceremony, SML’s global executives will join together at Shanghai RIS to showcase the cutting edge item-level RFID technologies and applications to Jinshan Government leaders, business partners and retail end users. SML also takes this opportunity to launch its one-stop-shop solution brand RFID TotalCare™ to the China Market.

Solution News

SML Announces RFID TotalCare™

RFID TotalCare™ enables retailers and brand owners to simplify RFID adoption and maximise returns SML RFID, the leading full-service RFID solution provider, has announced the launch of its RFID TotalCare™ offering, an all-in-one systemic package of its item-level RFID tagging and software solutions. This is aimed to better serve retailers by simplifying compliance, adoption, reducing risk and maximising value across a range of retail environments.

Solution News

SML Introduces Inspire™ and EcoInspire™

Driving Sustainability for RFID in retail! SML, the leading global branding and item-level RFID solutions provider, has launched its new Inspire™ and EcoInspire™ brands. The Inspire™ will be rolled out across SML's innovative tagging products including woven labels, self-adhesive labels, hangtags and RFID-enabled tags, as well as be seen in SML’s packaging products. The brand will extend its product portfolio to elevate brand experiences for customers.

Solution News

SML RFID Announces Successful Partnership With Microsoft

SML Delivers Item-Level RFID Solutions to 1,000s of Global Retail Stores using Microsoft Azure! SML, a global leader in delivering item-level RFID solutions for the retail market, announced the successful results of its collaboration with Microsoft. The combination of SML’s Clarity® application platform and Microsoft Azure is enabling 1,000s of retail stores around the globe to enhance inventory accuracy above 98%, resulting in an increase in sales and improved customer service.

Clarity™ RFID Item-Level Solution
Clarity™ UHF RFID Inlay & Tag
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