New Retail Solution
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New Retail Solution

An automated, unmanned, and always open retail experience.

Conventional retail is evolving and looking for new ways to serve consumers and improve profitability. With innovative, sustainable solutions, retail is driving convenience and efficiency all at once.

Combining the best of brick and mortar with e-commerce, a fresh approach is making its way onto the shelves: New Retail.

Ville Voipio

Intelligent Packaging business at Stora Enso drives digital transformation of goods by providing real-time connectivity to retail, packaged products and delivery operations. End user sees this as improved customer experience, while companies benefit from better control, leaner operations and sales acceleration.

Ville Voipio
Head of Sales and Marketing, Intelligent Packaging
Helsinki, Finland

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Online, offline and logistics merge in new retail, creating a dynamic new world of retailing. This concept turns traditional convenience stores into self-service fulfilment centers located regionally or locally, close to homes, workplaces, transport hubs and leisure activities. At the core of the New Retail Solution are Intelligent cabinets.

These automated, always open, unmanned cabinets are designed for consumers who enjoy purchasing experience on-the-go.

The versatile solution provides plenty of opportunities in various business settings ranging from single point-of-service with 1-2 cabinets in restaurants, cafes, or fitness centers to 5-10 cabinet kiosk set-ups.


With the New Retail Solution, consumer convenience can be offered in mass transport hubs such as airports, ports, train and bus stations, or on the streets outside the shop, where intelligent cabinets reach out to people who want to buy fast and avoid queuing inside.

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The renewable materials company Stora Enso, develops and produces solutions based on wood and biomass for a wide range of industries and applications worldwide.

We believe that everything that is made from fossil-based materials today can be made from a tree tomorrow.

Globally we are some 26 000 employees in over 30 countries.

Product News

ECO RFID Explained

A look behind the world’s greenest tag! The ECO RFID Tag Technology by Stora Enso Intelligent Packaging was first launched in November 2018. Since then, Stora Enso has worked together with its customers and partners, and has successfully introduced the 100% plastic-free tags to the market. Today, Stora Enso Intelligent Packaging is proud to say that the ECO RFID tags truly are the most sustainable tags on the market and extremely performant, scalable and reliable. In addition, it is exciting to see that there is a true desire from retailers and brand owners to replace fossil-based materials with sustainable alternatives. So, what is it that makes ECO RFID special? Take a look at the video and hear Dr. Juha Maijala, Deputy Head of Intelligent Packaging, explain the technology and the sustainability around it.

Product News

First sustainable RFID tag with Impinj M700 IC series

ECO RFID Tag Technology combined with the new Impinj M700 series! Stora Enso Intelligent Packaging introduces the first sustainable RAIN RFID labels that combine the unique ECO RFID Tag Technology and the new Impinj M700 series integrated circuit. Together they enable the most wideband performance and frequency insensitivity in multiple materials.

Solution News

Stora Enso's Brand New Intelligent Pulp Solution

Stora Enso introduces a turnkey solution for the pulp industry! Stora Enso produces and sells millions of tons of pulp in different grades every year. Based on the company’s long history in the pulp business, Stora Enso sees a lot of hidden value in the pulp value chain. However, the lack of visibility and unit-level traceability inhibits companies from realizing this value to the fullest.

Supplier News

Stora Enso and Atos join forces

Bringing sustainable automated new retail solutions to market! Stora Enso has entered a global partnership with the digital transformation company Atos to bring new automated retail solutions and services to the market. This new service is based on the concept of “Intelligent Cabinets”, which are RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) enabled e-kiosks designed for on-the-go purchasing using smart phones or standard card payment.

Product News

Stora Enso's ECO RFID Tag Collection for Retailers

Sustainable and plastic-free Stora Enso Intelligent Packaging is continuing the story of the award-winning ECO RFID Tag technology by launching a complete ECO RFID Tag Collection for retailers.

ECO RFID Retail Collection
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