UHF RFID Hard Tags
  • UHF RFID Hard Tags
  • UHF RFID Hard Tags
Syndicate RFID

UHF RFID Hard Tags

Ruggedized On-Metal Hard tags for industrial and automotive applications

HT5050 and HT11025 are UHF RFID hard tags optimized for securing metal assets. The tags are enclosed in an impact resistant encapsulation and are rugged in construction, thereby increasing the tag’s durability.

They are made to withstand harsh weather, high impact or other challenging application environments.

They can be mounted onto the surface either mechanically by using screws or pop rivets, using cable ties where the surface is curved or by attaching it using a self-adhesive backing (optional) provided with the tag.

Torbjörn Andersson

Syndicate RFID through its very customer centric approach and product development capabilities has managed to grow leaps and bounds in the RFID space. Our R&D competencies allow us to innovate and also deliver customized customer requirements with unparalleled speed.

Torbjörn Andersson
Executive VP Global Sales & Business Development
Stockholm, Sweden

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Key Facts

  • Dimensions (LxBxH): HT5050 : 50 x 50 x 10 mm | HT11025 : 110 x 25 x 13 mm
  • High impact and harsh weather resistant
  • Extensively tested for various washing cycles and exposure to different types of chemical solutions
  • Customer specific encoding of EPC
  • Customized Laser Engraving logo, text, and numbers
  • Mounted using screws or pop rivets, cable ties or high performance permanent self-adhesive optionally provided


  • Supply Chain
  • Logistics & Yard management
  • Manufacturing
  • Heavy Industries

Syndicate RFID is an Indian family-owned business producing Specialist & Niche RFID labels & tags for a wide range of industries securing assets, facilitating cashless transactions and goods authentication, streamlining supply chains and bringing about efficiencies in manufacturing.

  • Production facility in Goa, India
  • In-house R&D team of RF engineers
  • Quality Right First Time approach to production
  • Streamlined production processes allows us to be a competitive supplier
Product News

Syndicate RFID is launching the Duo-Fre RFID Label

Duo-Fre – Dual Frequency RFID label with multiple benefits Measuring 75 x 41 mm the label combines NFC and UHF frequencies and protocols. The label is equipped with an EM4423 chip that enables the product to offer two functionalities in one single RFID label, the UHF technology that can be used for long-range application purposes and the NFC technology that can be used to transfer information at close proximity.

Product News

New Small Sized On-metal-Tags With High Performance

Syndicate launches 2 small sized on-metal UHF labels with great performance in numerous applications. So what’s special about the new MOM2916 & MOM3520? The small dimensions – MOM2916: 29 x 16 x 2.1 mm / MOM3520: 35 x 20 x 2.1 mm – of the new labels not only make tagging of objects with very limited application area possible, but provide for a fantastic asset tracking solution without any compromises on read range. Outstanding read ranges in relation to small size Typically, smaller sized tags compromise a lot on read range. These new on-metal UHF labels offer a staggering read range of up to 5 meters (MOM2916) to 8 meters ( MOM3520).

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