Magnum HT8719 UHF On-metal Label
Syndicate RFID

Magnum HT8719 UHF On-metal Label

On-site Printable, UHF On-metal Label With Extreme Temperature Resistance

Syndicate Magnum HT8719 is a high temperature passive UHF RFID label designed to endure high temperatures, providing a reliable identification tool for industrial processes subjected to extreme temperatures. This product is finished with a high performance heat resistant permanent acrylic adhesive for use on and off metal surfaces.

Personalization options includes 4 color printing & variable data printing and encoding.

Arjun Aggarwal

Syndicate is a highly customer focused family company with a strong value system. Our passion for constant innovation & high quality are key attributes of our RFID labels/tags. We view ourselves as a strategic partner to our customers, determined in achieving excellence in all aspects of our business.

Arjun Aggarwal
Goa, India

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Key Facts

  • 200 °C x 30 minutes x 3 cycles
  • Label Size (LxBxH): 87 x 19 x 1.4 mm
  • Labels do not shrink after being exposed to heat.
  • Easy to apply, no need for screws or cable ties to affix the tag onto the item
  • High performance permanent adhesive ensures strong adhesion at high temperatures
  • Can be printed & encoded on-demand using select RFID enabled thermal transfer printers


  • Mount on Metal Applications
  • Oil & Gas Industry
  • Food Industry
  • Automotive Paint Chambers

Syndicate RFID is an Indian family-owned business producing Specialist & Niche RFID labels & tags for a wide range of industries securing assets, facilitating cashless transactions & goods authentication, streamlining supply chains and bringing about efficiencies in manufacturing.

  • Production facility in Goa, India
  • In-house R&D team of RF engineers designing finely tuned antennas for best in class performance
  • Quality Right First Time approach to production
  • Streamlined production allows us to be a competitive supplier
Product News

New Small Sized On-metal-Tags With High Performance

Syndicate launches 2 small sized on-metal UHF labels with great performance in numerous applications. So what’s special about the new MOM2916 & MOM3520? The small dimensions – MOM2916: 29 x 16 x 2.1 mm / MOM3520: 35 x 20 x 2.1 mm – of the new labels not only make tagging of objects with very limited application area possible, but provide for a fantastic asset tracking solution without any compromises on read range. Outstanding read ranges in relation to small size Typically, smaller sized tags compromise a lot on read range. These new on-metal UHF labels offer a staggering read range of up to 5 meters (MOM2916) to 8 meters ( MOM3520).

UHF Label Re-Load Pro Series
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