NFC Event Wristbands

NFC Event Wristbands

RFID & NFC Wristbands: Tadbik's NFC Event Wristband

Whether you are an event organizer, a marketing agency or an application provider, you are aware of the potential that NFC (Near Field Communication) technology has to offer. It can transform an ordinary event into an unforgettable one.

Tadbik's NFC event Wristband is a smart and durable band designed to support the operational and entry management of large gatherings. With the NFC technology you can enhance attendee's interactions in sport and events, concerts, business converntion and such.

The wristband admission control features eliminate ticket fraud incidents and reduce queuing times at the entrance, organizers are able to match participant's data with the event's database, allow check-ins, encourage attendees to automatically share on social media pictures taken at the event, wins sweepstakes, download event planner, vote or rate their favorite product at the event. In addition, the wristband enables event organizers to manage specific permissions for personal locker, VIP areas and more.

David Beit-On

Smart Solutions for Industrial & Logistics Applications, Events & Healthcare

David Beit-On
Head of Sales & Business Development - Europe & Asia
Lappersdorf, Germany

With mobile payment accessible these days, wristbands can serve as a cashless wallet allowing facilities secure, efficient and convenient payments. In addition to its operational benefits, the wristbands can also serve as an innovative and clever marketing platform to get customers more engaged with the brand. The wristbands top layer can be customized with high quality printed logos and slogans. Data and statistics are gathered and shared with organizers and sponsors for continued interaction with attendees and as a tool for future campaigns.

Key Features

  • Allows interactive and personalized marketing
  • High quality color print
  • Water-resistant and durable
  • Tamper-evident closure for maximum security
  • Cost Effective

Applications & Industries

  • Admission Control
  • Cashless Wallet - "Tap & Pay"
  • Ultimate security against counterfeit
  • Marketing and brand promotion & coupon integration
  • Smart hotel solutions
  • Enhance customer interaction

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Tadbik is a world leader of advanced Flexible Packaging, Labels, RFID and in pack promotion. For over thirty years Tadbik worked closely with global clients to pioneer the industry’s innovations.

The company offers:

  • State-of-the-art production facilities and highly skilled in-house design and engineering teams
  • A transformation of great new concepts into highly attractive products
  • Technologies pushed to the next level, in order to constantly develop new applications to help clients brand and sell their products in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

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