RFID Flag Label

RFID Flag Label

Industrial and Logistics Solutions: Tadbik's RFID Flag Label

The RFID Flag label allows users to enjoy the benefits of a roll-to-roll label, easy to handle with any RFID-enabled thermal printer. These labels are a simple, reliable, low cost solution which provides great reading rates even when adhered directly to the thickest metal surfaces.

RFID tags are facing a challenge when attached to metal surfaces. Metals cause detuning and reflection of the RFID signal, which can result in poor reading range, phantom reads, or no read signs at all.

For this reason, special on-metal tags are used to overcome this obstacle but most of the on-metal tags in the market are more robust and therefore more expensive.

David Beit-On

Smart Solutions for Industrial & Logistics Applications, Events & Healthcare

David Beit-On
Head of Sales & Business Development - Europe & Asia
Lappersdorf, Germany

Key Features

  • Great reading rates directly on metal
  • Extra Strong adhesive
  • Allows smart and automatic supply chain management
  • Durable
  • Unique T-shaped label

Applications & Industries

  • Maximize stock availability
  • Optimize storage space
  • Minimize errors - The end of paper-based operations
  • Accurate asset management and tracking
  • Asset management and tracking

We can work with you on designing different sizes of flag labels including fitting different inlays according to your read range and space restrictions. Since RFID tag cost is always an issue when evaluating a new project, the flag labels are much more affordable than hard tags and enable low cost and hassle-free RFID deployment.

Tadbik is a world leader of advanced Flexible Packaging, Labels, RFID and in pack promotion. For over thirty years Tadbik worked closely with global clients to pioneer the industry’s innovations.

The company offers:

  • State-of-the-art production facilities and highly skilled in-house design and engineering teams
  • A transformation of great new concepts into highly attractive products
  • Technologies pushed to the next level, in order to constantly develop new applications to help clients brand and sell their products in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

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