RFID Windshield Label
  • RFID Windshield Label
  • RFID Windshield Label

RFID Windshield Label

Industrial and Logistics Solutions: Tadbik's RFID Windshield Label

The RFID Windshield label is designed as an Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) tool to provide a low cost, fast and secured access and identification of vehicles, gated community entry, Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) systems, parking access, airport, ground transportation management systems and automobile fleet track and trace solution.

The label is flexible, durable and economically superior to active tags and other costly identification solutions. The passive RFID inlay is embedded with unique materials which shield the inlay from extreme conditions. The label can be printed on both sides with instructions, barcode and logo.

David Beit-On

Smart Solutions for Industrial & Logistics Applications, Events & Healthcare

David Beit-On
Head of Sales & Business Development - Europe & Asia
Lappersdorf, Germany

It is optional to add tamper-evident solutions such as special slits in the label making it unusable if attempts have been made to remove it. Other options to be considered are destructible PVC which shows distinct marks of removal. Inlay can be programmed with user-defined information to communicate to and from the tag. Information can be written, read or permanently locked to the inlay. The label is attached to the interior side of the windshield glass and is visible for reading information, such as barcode or serial number. Top layer has a special coating which is resistant to solvents and acids to protect label and printing quality despite the changes in environmental conditions.

Key Features

  • Tamper evident closure for maximum security
  • Water-resistant
  • Optional printing and encoding
  • Time-saving solution
  • Cost effective
  • Optional high-quality printing on both sides.

Applications & Industries

  • Ultimate solution for parking lots management
  • Automatic car identification
  • Fleet management
  • Automatic access control

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Tadbik is a world leader of advanced Flexible Packaging, Labels, RFID and in pack promotion. For over thirty years Tadbik worked closely with global clients to pioneer the industry’s innovations.

The company offers:

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  • A transformation of great new concepts into highly attractive products
  • Technologies pushed to the next level, in order to constantly develop new applications to help clients brand and sell their products in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

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