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RFID Windshield Tag

Using the latest technologies based on passive RFID and cryptographic authentication, Tönnjes provides customerspecific solutions for international vehicle registration and identification. By using passive RFID-Transponder with additional security standards, like the UCODE DNA, Tönnjes offers a wide range of applications and benefits for Road Transport Authorities and ITS Operators.

Dietmar Mönning

Dietmar Mönning
Managing Director
Delmenhorst, Germany


  • Self-adhesive IDeSTIX® windshield tag is applied to the inside of the vehicle windscreen as a third license plate for electronic vehicle identification.
  • Supplied on carrier paper in roll format with printed application instructions on backside, suitable for personalisation with desktop TT-printers, e.g. ZT410 and manual lamination
  • Pressure-sensitive adhesive and void effect of holographic foil upon removal
  • Customisable holographic foil with demetalized structures acting as antenna for integrated RFID inlay and transparent foil supplied on rolls for TT-printing.
  • Printed information is sealed between holographic and transparent foil with full adhesive front facing the windshield.

Key Facts

  • Operating frequency: 860-960 MHz (global UHF band)
  • Integrated circuit: (IC) NXP Ucode DNA, passive (battery-free)
  • Supported protocols: GS1 EPC Gen2v2 respectively ISO/IEC 18000-63
  • Memory capacity:
    • TID: 96-bit (incl. 48-bit unique serial number)
    • EPC: 224-bit (alternative configuration upon request)
    • User: 3072-bit
  • Read range (on non-metalized glass):
    • EU (866 MHz): Typical 9m / Maximum 11m
    • US (915 MHz): Typical 9m / Maximum 11m

RFID-based security features

  • 32-bit kill password
  • 32-bit access password
  • Various “memory lock” options incl. Block Permalock


  • Option to upgrade to Cryptographic tag authentication via 128-bit AES key according to ISO/IEC 29167-10 for proof of origin
  • Option to upgrade to Privacy protection via untraceable command and 128-bit AES key


  • Electronic vehicle identification
  • Toll collection
  • Traffic management
  • Parking and access control
  • Section control
  • Border control
  • Traffic infraction control

Trend-Setting Vehicle Identication Via Radio Communication

As a leading supplier of security vehicle license plates, Tönnjes E.A.S.T. offers their customers vehicle identification solutions for a wide range of requirements. The RFID products IDePLATE (RFID license plate) and IDeSTIX (RFID windscreen sticker) are used to protect against manipulation, fraud and theft.

Equipped with the latest technologies, the company develops modular systems and individual complete solutions for the production and distribution of license plates that meet specific requirements in the fields of security, organization and logistics.

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