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Middleware - RFID software

Authorized readers can capture the cryptographic identification numbers stored on the UHF RFID chip in IDePLATE® or IDeSTIX®, independent of the platform.

For example, the middleware IDeTRUST® can decode and simultaneously verify the encrypted data via the secure connection to the database during traffic controls. The exchange with the databases of the interface offices, in this case of the police or tax authorities, is also carried out via the middleware, which is protected by a powerful security system. According to ISO 20248, the verification of vehicle and owner data is carried out both on- and offline.

Dietmar Mönning

Dietmar Mönning
Managing Director
Delmenhorst, Germany

Key Facts

  • Platform independent
  • Decoding and encryption of recorded UHF RFID data
  • A powerful security system protects the middleware from unauthorized access and manipulation


  • Vehicle registration
  • Traffic controls
  • Verification of vehicle and owner data
  • Toll collection on roads and car parks
  • Vehicle fleet and access management

Trend-Setting Vehicle Identication Via Radio Communication

As a leading supplier of security vehicle license plates, Tönnjes E.A.S.T. offers their customers vehicle identification solutions for a wide range of requirements. The RFID products IDePLATE (RFID license plate) and IDeSTIX (RFID windscreen sticker) are used to protect against manipulation, fraud and theft.

Equipped with the latest technologies, the company develops modular systems and individual complete solutions for the production and distribution of license plates that meet specific requirements in the fields of security, organization and logistics.

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