Security Licence Plate Holder

Security Licence Plate Holder

The Extra Protection

As security is one of our prime concerns, we’re constantly developing new products in this area. Our security licence plate holders offer extra protection against theft, because a special tool is required to dismount them.

Our number plates cannot be removed without causing considerable damage. Even if our licence plates are successfully dismounted, the material damage caused makes them completely worthless to thieves. Our Tamper Proof Plate offers even more protection, as its safety feature self-destructs when the licence plate is removed, rendering the number plate completely worthless.

Jochen Betz

Jochen Betz
Managing Director
Delmenhorst, Germany

Key Facts

  • Extra protection for licence plates against theft
  • Self-destruction when the licence plate is removed


  • Vehicle registration
  • Traffic controls
  • Vehicle fleet and access management

Giving Mobility a Smart and Secure Future

As a technology and systems provider, TÖNNJES is a global leader in the field of vehicle identification. The product range can be split into the EVI (electronic vehicle identification), software, security solutions and production technology segments. From manufacturing licence plates to creating a central licence register, the company handles every step when it comes to successfully and securely identifying vehicles. With the RFID-based IDePLATE system, TÖNNJES has developed an electronic security licence plate that protects against manipulation and fraud whilst, at the same time, enabling smart applications. TÖNNJES products are already in use in many countries around the globe. The company generates 100 percent of its revenue from transactions abroad.

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Security Licence Plate Holder
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