topex Robi 9100

topex Robi 9100

RFID Laser Application System

The RFID laser application system was specifically developed for the identification marking of car bodies prior to the painting and assembly process. The application process includes: magazine separation of RFID labels, handling feed system to the RFID read / write station, marking of the RFID labels using a laser, and supply and application of labels to the vehicle‘s body.

As well as, the transfer of the label / fastener composite to the robot.

Karin Schwarz
Managing Director
Erkenbrechtsweiler, Germany

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Key Facts

  • 2x identical complete topex systems per assembly line
  • Quick Change De-Stacking Magazines
  • topex 9100 six-axis robot
  • UHF RFID reading/writing unit
  • topex 5120 CO2 marking laser
  • Camera system capable of checking clear type information
  • Oscillating conveyor for separating fixing elements
  • Pneumatic assembly unit for label and fixing element
  • Customer data connection for writing and laser information
  • Use of standardized Siemens PLC modules
  • Control of complete system via Siemens S7, visualization via IPC


  • Automotive industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Aviation and Aerospace industry

As specialists in custom parts marking and innovative manufacturing solutions, topex offers technically advanced, reliable and durable products that meet the highest standards of quality and precision.

  • Products and systems for automotive industry, pharmaceuticals and chemicals, electronics, aircraft manufacture and aerospace, renewable energy, logistics – and more
  • Our products will mark your products unambiguously and ensure fast, reliable identification
  • Tailor-made systems relating to specific components and materials, which we will incorporate seamlessly into your production line
  • Innovative production systems, a comprehensive range of accessories and spare parts, and an in-house contract marking service
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