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UBI Track & Trace Solution
  • UBI Track & Trace Solution
  • UBI Track & Trace Solution
  • UBI Track & Trace Solution
  • UBI Track & Trace Solution

UBI Track & Trace Solution

The UBI Track & Trace Solution allows any type of item to be tracked using RFID, Barcode or IoT in real time throughout the supply chain.

Objects like textiles, animals, pallets, waste containers, computers, boxes, food, etc. can then be traced automatically. Hundreds of laundries, hotels, hospitals, manufacturers, retailers, farmers, supermarkets chains, logistic companies, etc. are integrating our Cloud-based solution into their existing IT Infrastructure, enabling them to move smoothly to the next Industry 4.0 paradigm.

Renaud Munier

Renaud Munier
Director, International Business Development
Gennevilliers, France

Key Facts

  • Reduces stock levels by up to 30 %
  • Cuts losses by up to 50 %
  • Reduces human error input
  • Improves customer service across industries (deliveries error, stock availability, etc.)
  • Increases productivity throughout processes
  • Optimizes fleets and time
  • Allows total transparency of assets in real time
  • Manages waste automatically and in real time
  • Obtains more accurate knowledge of all types of the assets (number of wash cycles, type of waste, collection time, rotation rate, tracking of losses, etc.)

Application Fields

  • Textile manufacturers, commercial laundries, hotels & resorts, and hospitals
  • Waste management companies, waste bin manufacturers, logistic companies, and container manufacturers
  • Industries in any sectors like Automotive, Aerospatiale, Machinery, F&B, Tooling, etc.
  • Retailers, supermarket chains, farmers, slaughters, etc.

Video: Hotel Linen Management

Video: RFID Hospital Waste Traceability Solution

Paris-based UBI Solutions, is a pioneer of RFID UHF and IoT based solutions. With more than 600 installations in more than 30 countries in the Hospitality, Laundry, Logistics, Retails, Process & Tool Management, Geolocation, Asset Management Industries, the BPI labeled company is one of Europe leading organizations within the Internet of Things market.

Since 2008, the company has grown thanks to its ability to reinvent cutting-edge technologies within markets helping its customer reach their Industry 4.0 objectives.

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UBI Track & Trace Solution
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