RP901 Wireless UHF/RFID Pocket Reader

RP901 Wireless UHF/RFID Pocket Reader

Pocket sized RFID Reading.

The Unitech RP901 is a compact, lightweight and pocket-sized UHF RFID reader. It is an ideal tool to empower any smart devices to have RFID reading but in a very small form-factor and small budget.

It is designed and engineered specifically to suit the UHF reading market and application requirements of mobile workers. Pair the RP901 with your iOS, Android or Windows mobile device via the Bluetooth connection and easily extend your mobile data collection with this UHF RFID reader.

Jeffrey Huang

Unitech has followed up the development of RFID over 10 years. It is Unitech’s commitment as one of pioneer AIDC manufacturer to embrace the RFID technology and adapt it in our various platforms from mobile to fixed position. We believe that RFID technology is playing a significant role to empower the Industry 4.0. Not only the hardware, we are also investing in IoT data management cloud-based platform to help the business to interchange the data between the RFID nodes with the backend system. We believe in Empowering solutions.

Jeffrey Huang
Managing Director, Unitech Europe
Tilburg, Netherlands

Compact and easy to use

With dimension of 109.3 mm length, 51.1 mm width and 28.1 mm thickness at weight of less than 106 g this RP901 is comfortable a compact in size, making this device a great companion to carry around.

The RP901 requires no training to operate. It allows reading and transmission of RFID tag data to the mobile device easily with its singly-button reading design.

Featuring a built-in Multicolour status LEDs, it shows the feedback on communication status like battery level and RFID collection status. In addition, the RP901 features a memory storage capacity of 2 MB, making data loss extremely unlikely, even when it is out of range of the wireless signal. With a simple setting you can upload the data to the back-end system to complete your task without interruption.

Key Facts

  • An ideal RFID solution on a small budget
  • User-friendly operation with a pocket-sized enclosure
  • Support multi-protocol ISO 18000-6C, EPC Class 1 Gen 2
  • Available in multiple frequency bands, 865 MHz ~ 928 MHz (US/EU/P/TW/CN)
  • Bluetooth® 2.1+EDR wireless easily pairs with iOS, Android and Windows Mobile devices
  • Enterprise durability: 1.2 m drop protection and IP42 sealing for ingress protection
  • High capacity rechargeable Lithium battery
  • Capable of over 6000 scans on a single battery charge
  • Simple serial commands supported for fast remote control

Unitech is a global provider of hardware AIDC omni-channel and RFID solutions. We facilitate different ways to implement RFID into the workflow, whether you work in retail, logistics, warehousing or hospitality. Unitech offers high quality products at affordable prices that forms part of your overall RFID solution.

Unitech brings value to customers in various applications in logistics, healthcare, retail, warehousing, manufacturing, as well as government, transportation and field services.

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RP901 Wireless UHF/RFID Pocket Reader
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