By a Smile of YOUR Face

By a Smile of YOUR Face

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The terminal enables a very fast and highly secure way of access control. This function can be used in an autonomous mode or in a server mode. Consequently all user data can be stored in the terminal or on a dedicated server with a WEB interface for both cases. Although the basic intention of this terminal is an easy to use but high security access terminal, the station can also be used to do any kind of on/off status switch anywhere in the world, using an external WEB-relay.

Bernd Franke
Product and Sales Manager
Düsseldorf, Germany

Product Category


Application Fields

Sales Region

Key Facts

  • 2D or 3D recognition
  • High recognition speed
  • Patented way of recognition
  • Fully automated function
  • Enrollment at terminal
  • Display for user feedback
  • Capacitive touch-panel
  • Up to 3 factor authorisation
  • RFID reader and PIN pad
  • Standalone or server mode
  • Integrated database
  • Access and time control
  • Immediate control function
  • Internal and external relay
  • Ethernet or 2-wire


  • Access terminal
  • Door opening
  • Time control
  • Remote control
  • Long distance switching
  • Stack room control
  • Poison access control
  • Medicine access control

UNITRONIC is proud to be the value-added distribution channel in Germany for Finland-based manufacturer Idesco — a leader in identification products such as RFID solutions.

  • RFID reader 125 KHz / 13.56 MHz
  • UHF long-range reader 868 MHz
  • Automatic vehicle identification
  • Industrial and logistics solutions
  • Tags and plastic cards, including accessories
RFID Reader with Colour Display
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