RFID & Wireless IoT Global, Issue 06/2021
RFID UHF / NFC Combo Prototype

RFID UHF / NFC Combo Prototype

Tailor-made IoT components are co-developed with customers and partners made to measure a specific IoT application.

From Combined NFC- / RFID transponders to more complex battery powered inlays with multiple sensors. We partner up with our customers to find a sustainable, yet robust solution that works.

Joachim Priem

Joachim Priem
Business Development Manager
Capellen, Luxembourg

Key Facts

Optimierung der gesamten Lieferkette:

  • Size: 50 mm x 30 mm
  • Substrate: 80 g/m² FSC Paper / PET
  • IC: EM4425 echo-V (EPC Class 1 Gen. 2v2 and NFC Forum Type 5)
  • Memory: Configurable 2048-bit memory used for: -HF USER memory-Up to 480-bit EPC
  • RF-Interface: UHF ISO 18000-6C (860 - 960 Mhz) + ISO 15693 (13,56 MHz)


  • Retail, medical, industrial applications
  • Anti-counterfeiting and customer engagement
  • Product authentication with tamper evidence detection
  • Sustainable circular economy applications

Victor Buck Services, a subsidiary of POST Luxembourg Group, has changed considerably since it was founded in 2000: the company now employs over 220 people, and the services in its portfolio have evolved and diversified over the years. Victor Buck Services has three areas of expertise:

  • Customer Communication Management for the whole process of information exchange between companies and their customers, through a range of channels (post, email and secure web portals)
  • Content Services for managing the entire lifecycle of information, from initial publication to storage and statutory archiving
  • Document Outsourcing Services enabling companies to free up internal resources and focus on their core business
  • Printed Electronics for the Internet of Things, NFC and RFID

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RFID UHF / NFC Combo Prototype
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