TRALOSY AutoID Middleware

TRALOSY AutoID Middleware

TRAnsparent LOgistics System

TRALOSY brings transparency to your material flow

  • Transparent design of returnable asset circuits
  • Identification of objects in the process by RFID or barcode
  • CV for each object
  • Documentation of object properties changes
  • Support of batch traceability by unique object tracking
  • Increased process reliability through clear material recognition in the production process
  • Self-healing system through automated logging of every object movement
  • Acquisition and evaluation of changes of state (e.g. quality status or repair statistics)
Henning Natenhorst

As RFID System provider of customer and industry specific hardware and software we develop solutions according to your specifications.

Henning Natenhorst
Project Manager
Bad Essen, Germany

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Application Fields

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Key Facts

  • Supply Chain Monitoring Tool
  • Web-based Middleware
  • Tailored to the needs of logisticians and stock managers
  • Generation and evaluation of motion data of e.g. reusable carriers or products in real time
  • Supporting the process owners in planning and control
  • Forwarding events such as goods receipts, goods issues or consumption to leading ERP systems
  • Customizable


Proven in:

  • Paper/Foil Industry
  • Wood Composite Industry
  • Food/Beverage Industry
  • Chemistry Industry
  • Health Service
  • Laundry Management
  • Production & Logistics

The RFID service range of Wilms Supply Chain Technologies is based on more than 20 years of experience and development work as a system integrator. Founded in 1893, Wilms today is a leading RTI manufacturer and logistics provider.

  • System integrator with a high logistics, RFID and IT competence
  • 20 years of project experience
  • Combining material and information flow for increased efficiency and transparency
  • Wood composite industry, paper, foil, and beverage industries, as well as the laundry sector
  • In-house test center: “Wilms Logistics-Process-Center”
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